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Sheer Women's Swimwear

about womens sheer swimwear

Sheer swimwear offers a truly sensuous appeal to many women and couples. From a quiet romantic night for two in the hot tub to a day tanning on the beach these steamy styles will spice up an otherwise standard summer fashion wardrope.


The sheer bikini comes in a wide range of translucency levels. Depending on the fabric in question and its thickness, many swimsuits are see thru from the get go where as some are only see thru when wet and to different degrees.


Fabrics range from soft gauze to lyrca/nylon and mesh lyrca/nylon.

There is also a hybrid on the market that is a combination of lace and lyrca/nylon that offers a more lingerie appearance suitably called swimgerie. These sexy swimsuits are available in both one and two piece configurations and are truly captivating.

Example of a combination gauze and lace sheer swimwear


 Nylon/lyrca fabric is manufactured using a raschel knit technique that allows it to have four way elasticity. Depending on its thread per inch count this subtle and smooth fabric ranges from a solid non translucent fabric to a mesh which is completely see thru.


Gauze is a translucent thin breathable fabric with a relaxed sweeping knit or weave.

In practical terms "gauze" is a knit or weave configuration in which the weft yarns are in pairs and are traversed before and after each warp yarn keeping the weft firmly in place.

See Thru Swimwear Styles

Things To Remember

When shopping for a sheer or see thru swimsuit keep in mind your personal tolerance level of exposure. You do not want to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation in a swimsuit that shows to much.

Do you want a crotch lining? Some swimsuits do not offer a crotch lining but most do. Read the information provided carefully before purchasing.

If the swimsuit is to be used in a chlorinated environment for example a hot-tub or pool, steer clear of custom or exotic fabrics as the chemicals will ruin the fabric. Typically gauze and nylon/lyrca are chemical resistant.

Transparent sheer women's swimwear



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