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2021 Thong Bikinis Are Ready For You

2021 thong bikinis, Tonga bikinis and G-strings. Every year we get excited about our new line-up and this year is no exception. We have a whole new release of the sexist cheekiest bikinis just waiting for you.

2021 Tongas

2021 is about vibrant colors, exciting prints and the latest trend of high waist retro inspired thongs. All the stars in true Hollywood fashion are sporting the high waist cheeky styles. The younger generation is all about teeny tiny and the cheekier the better.

With the hopeful end of COVID, we are hoping that the beaches will be full of life once again. People will be laughing and running enjoying their lives soaking up some rays once again.

One thing that COVID has played a part in is that people want to get out and get back to normal. With this comes a trend to show some skin thus the continued explosion of the cheeky thong bikini era.

Make no mistake girls; it’s going to be a cheeky summer at the lake, beach, cottage, pool and abroad.

2021 Thong Bikinis

We have a host of new 2021 thong bikinis including our sheer and see through two piece lineup.  Definitely not for the faint of heart! But for the girl looking for some added excitement to her bikini collection you’re in good hands. We have hot pinks, exciting new neon’s and of course we can’t forget the classic black lineup. How about the floral designs and brilliant metallic fabrics. Now for the wilder side don’t overlook the animal prints. These prints are wild and savage. This series includes everything from leopard and cheetah print fabrics to python and cobra designs.

The styles are totally irresistible starting at our mid-range cheeky Tonga line. Then to the thong bikini series including sexy scoops to high waists and banded. Then of course we have the G-string styles, that are so tiny and over the top sexy.

Check out the full line of 2021 thong bikinis. Now get out there and enjoy your summer.

2021 G-strings

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