Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion hasbeen manufacturing women’s swimwear since 1985. Our vision has always been toprovide luxurious leading-edge beach fashions that push the boundaries of timeand style.

What originally started out as a mail orderbusiness which included our famous semiannual catalog that was mailed out toour valued customers, orders were taken over the phone and delivered throughthe mail system. Our B2C “Business to Customer” business went through a massivechange in 1998 when we launched our first online store. For almost 4 years weoperated our mail order, phone order and internet operation in parallel. InOctober 2002, we moved over to full internet shopping and phone support andhave carried out this operation ever since. Of course, many of our customerswho looked forward to the arrival of our catalog were disappointed, so weresurrected our catalog for a couple more years until the internet proved to bethe way to go.

As for our swimwear all our fashions aremanufactured in the US applying the highest quality standards in the industry.We take pride in our business and not only have customers that have been withus since day one but also now are serving second and in some cases thirdgeneration descendants of these same customers. Customer service has alwaysname of the game at Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion. The foundation of oursuccess has been solidified by providing leading edge customer service and high-qualityproducts which in turn gives our customers the best value for their hard-earneddollars.

Swimwear styles have evolved from ouroriginal offering. The ever-popular high cut Brazilian bikini was a huge hit inour early years and was the steppingstone that led to our present day bikinifashions including our ever popular thong bikinis, g-stings and sheer swimwearlineup.

At Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion, wehave gone to great lengths to provide leading edge designs to meet everywoman’s needs and fashion desires. From our comfy full coverage bikinis and one-pieceswimsuits with incredible options like tummy control and underwire bikini topsupport to our sport line and of course our famous thong bikinis and sheerswimwear line.

From a well-deserved southern retreat to aweekend at the family cottage, rest assured we have a swimsuit just for you.