Accessorizing Your Thong Bikini

Depending on your choice of vacations, cruise vs. resort,backyard pool or hot tub vs. a weekend at the cottage., you may want toconsider accessorizing your thong swimsuit wardrobe. Adding some accessoriessimply adds a further level of attraction to an otherwise gorgeous swimsuit.

Thong bikinis by nature are sexy, but hey why stop there,adding some simple accessories can quickly take things to the next level.

How Too - Accessorizing your thong with sunglasses, necklaces, makeup, earrings and more.

However, do we recommend you take advantage of all theseoptions at the same time…Absolutely not, pick a couple and mix things up.Explore your options and find what works for you.


If you’re just planning on strolling around the beach orrelaxing in the sun, a little bit of waterproof makeup especially if it hassunscreen in it is a nice added touch. Many women prefer not to wear makeup ontheir vacations or weekend, but it is a nice finishing touch.


Lipstick is a must have no matter what. Even if you don’twant to wear makeup, make a compromise and wear either a red, pink or coralcolor.


Sunscreen with a good bronzing agent will add to the great look of your thong bikini

Sunscreen is a must but if you want a really nice even appearance,use sunscreen that also incorporates a skin bronzer. Use it everywhere that youwill have exposed skin. In the case of a thong bikini especially on your thighsand butt for a smooth delicate look.


When it comes to jewelry, keep in mind less is more. Don’toverdo it, keep it simple but here are a couple of options to think about.

  • Necklaces – Yes, don’t forget the necklaces. Necklaces are a must, any type of necklace, chains, beads you name it, it’s all good. Additionally, layering your chains with different lengths is also a great idea but do not use anything heavy, keep them light. Try and choose something that will match your bikini choice of the day, possibly color or style.
  • Ankle Bracelets – Ankle bracelets are another nice touch when it comes to swimwear jewelry. Chains, charms or again beads are all great potential options. These tiny ankle accessories will accentuate your legs and draw even more attention to your lower torso.
  • Body Chains
  • Body chains add two things to your bikini ensemble, first they add an additional level of sexiness to your two-piece swimsuit. A simple fine gold or silver chain looks simply amazing on a tanned body. Secondly, many women tell us that when they wear a belly chain, it keeps them conscious of their abdominals thus keeping things pulled in and their back straight. Its simply the awareness of the chain that causes this physiological effect.


Hats are true elegant addition to your swimwear wardrobe. Your thong bikini will never look the same. You will feel elegant, sexy and beautiful.

Wide brim beach hats are classy, they offer sun protection for your face and shoulders and look great. For a sportier look, add a baseball cap and pull your hair through the back loop. It’s a great look and keeps your hair off of your neck.


Sarongs add a new level of mystic to a thong bikini. Don’tkid yourself, slipping on a see-through sarong over your thong will heightenthe level of attraction. Choose a sheer sarong that allows the light to shinethrough so that your thong can be seen and a slight view of your buttocks.

Thong Bikini Cover-Ups and Sarongs add a new level of sex appeal to your swimwear choice.


Again, like the sarong, choose a sheer coverup, you don’twant to hide your thong bikini, you want to show it off and cover-ups are agreat way to still show your best assets with a little bit of coverage. Anotheroption, get a coverup that covers the upper half of your cheeks leaving thebottom half exposed.


A thong bikini always needs a pair of sexy sunglasses. They just go hand in hand like your left hand needs your right hand.

Go with what suits you. There are no rules here, get whatworks for you. Have a friend help you choose the right glasses that suit yourlook and personality.


Oh yes one of my faves, don’t forget the footwear. Nice sandalsare great but what about a set of wedges if you plan on wondering around the cruiseship deck or poolside. Wedges are great for giving the impression of longer leanerlegs, but the wedges don’t work so well in the sand.

Hair Accessories.

Hair bands and ties look amazing and will help keep yourhair off your neck when things start to heat up. Add a flower for some real sexappeal.

Beach Bag

Don’t forget the beach bag. You will need a great beach bag,choose something light and funky. It will add to complete package.


the most important accessory for your new thong bikini is smile at all times, be happy and enjoy life

The most important accessory for your new thong bikini isyour smile. Be happy, show your energy. You are the best accessory your thongbikini has.

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