Alexa’s First Time Wearing a Thong Bikini

Life is a journey, my name is Alexa, I grew up in Southern Florida, I just turned 31 on Sept. 22nd this year, yes I am in my dirty thirties…. My whole life growing up basically was school and dance. I did both modern and ballet dance  and was a competitive dancer in both categories. I was in phenomenal shape heading into the University of Florida where I studied Information Technology. My schooling years took there tole on me physically and  further getting married and two children can do wonders for your figure…NOT…After my second child, I was looking at myself in the mirror after a shower and came to the realisation that somewhere along the line I had lost my youthful figure and gained about 30 plus pounds along the way of extra unwanted baggage. To be honest, I was physically tired all the time too.

Loving my life in a new thong bikini on the beach for the first time
Wearing my new thong bikini for the first time in public at 31 years old

So what to do, I called a good friend of mine Darlene, who is a personal trainer and told her all of my woes, of course there was likley a bottle of wine involved in that call…. I wanted to lose the extra weight, I wanted to look good in a dress and I wanted to feel young again. During our discussion, she made a very important point “YOU ARE NOT 18”, you are a woman, so expect a women’s figure not a girls figure. Darlene set me up with a combination strength training and aerobic program which consisted of three times a week in the gym weight training and a minimum of twice a week aerobic training of my choice. I manage major IT project implementations, so I decided that this too was a project and figured I needed something to measure my success. I decided that in 11 months we had a trip planned to explore the Mediterranean for 10 days and I was going to surprise my husband by wearing a thong bikini.

Alexa wears her new thong bikini by the resort pool for the first time
Me Wearing Another Thong By The Resort Pool

So I did my training, honestly the thought of wearing a thong bikini as the end goal turned out to be a major support system because it gave me focus and actually drove me to continue on my “Get my body back” plan without cheating, plus whenever I had free time I would add yoga classes at home for an added bonus.

Wearing that thong bikini became my success crutch that drove me to succeed and it still is to this day. I like the feeling I get when I wear a thong bikini so my whole fitness regime is driven by this experience.  Everyone needs a reason to stay in shape, its personal I get it, but wearing a thong bikini is also personal for me. I am a woman and the attention makes me feel good.

Thong bikini first time ever wearing in public
It took some getting use to, having my picture taken in the thong
Thong bikini in public for the first time
We had a lot of fun, wish we had a good camera instead of my husbands phone for the pictures

Well 11 months came and went, I dropped my weight and I thought I looked pretty damn good. So lets be real, I am 31 years old now and was 30 when we went on the trip with two births behind me, of course I have some cellulite, I have some on my butt and a little on the back of may legs, let’s be real, don’t we all, my boobs are no longer as perky as they used to be to say the least, and I do have some limited stretch marks but I am lucky as they are for the most part below my bikini line.

Its my first time in public wearing a thong bikini
Just Relaxing By The Pool In A Thong “First Time in Public”

So here we are in the Mediterranean, loving our lives for  ten days, our kids are with their Grandparents so nothing to worry about there, it is basically the two of us. We stayed at a very small resort, not an all-inclusive, more of a small family owned resort that was extremely beautiful. Next to this location, there was a vacant property where there once had been some sort of a vacation resort but had been torn down and removed do to storm damage so the property and beach for the most part was vacant.

So, its game day, we had decided to take walk down the beach and take a lunch with us and relax on the vacant property. My husband of course had already gone out for breakfast, “He could use a little gym time by the way and possibly skip a breakfast or two” LOL, actually he is pretty good shape to be honest, but I went for a run and had a shower and today was the day to reveal my undisclosed thong bikini.

At a resort wearing my thong bikini for the first time
This dock on the ocean front was at the vacant property next to our resort, lots of people walking on the beach which at first made me nervous

I very rarely get flustered and this day was no exception. I felt amazing, I had worked hard, and really its only a bikini right. Wrong, I am an educated smart woman, what difference does a bikini make, well apparently it makes a big difference.

I slipped into my new bikini, looked in the mirror and I was floored, I felt personally that I looked great, of course I did pick myself apart like every other woman does, identifying all of my flaws , but really in the whole scheme of things, I was pleased. So, I grabbed my wrap, slung it across my hips and off I went to meet my husband. Of course being from the male species, he is never on time and never where he says he is going to be, they get lost don’t you know, easily side tracked or swayed, so here I am in my little thong bikini, with a sheer white wrap over it strolling through this small resort on the hunt for my husband. It took all of five minutes tops for me to see at least 80% of the people at this resort, that is how small it is, and there is my husband, talking to his new found friend, smoking a cigar “yuk” having a drink at a little side walk-by bar.

How do you not love life when you feel amazing. My first time wearing a thong bikini was very special to me
My second favourite pic. I understand I am not a model, but I started to feel like one, I started to feel different and very special

Well I can tell you this, at first glance he did not notice, but on second glance he did. This is what I did…I strolled by about fifteen feet away from him, turned sideways so he could get a good view and said, “Take your time babe, I will just sit over here and relax by the pool and have a quiet drink” Well once he saw my new bikini, it was like a I had a six month puppy on my hands and I had just filled his food bowl. He was on me so fast, I don’t know what he said to is newfound friend, but it was a quick conversation, he was panting and drooling “Ok kidding” but I sure had his attention. I sat down, and as soon as he caught up to me, he wanted to go for a walk…Really my husband hates walking….. All he wanted was a second view of my, well no, I decided to make him wait, I sat there and made him get me two or three drinks. I sat with my leg’s crosses, my hands gently folded in my lap like a perfect lady and slowly sipped my drinks. Then I finally gave in and stood up and we strolled down the pool deck, and I caught him repeatedly, trying to look at my butt cheeks, it was hilarious.

Also I noticed two other woman that were now wearing thong bikinis that were not previously that I had passed on my search for my husband. It appears, someone had to break the ice.

Wore my thong bikini in public, which I have never done before, it’s my first time
It was a really fun day
Wearing my new thong bikini in public for the first time
I feel good about myself in these pics

How did I feel. I don’t care what anyone says, when a person of the opposite sex or the same sex for that matter that you love is following you around like a lost puppy, you realise the power that we as women have. I felt good, I felt powerful, I felt like an eighteen-year-old in a new bikini, I felt shockingly free, but most importantly for me I felt sexy as hell. I had achieved my physical goal and today I was wearing this tiny little bikini. I had read that wearing a thong bikini was an experience all of its own that I really thought was a whole lot of crap, but it is not. There is something to be said for the female physique that empowers a woman when she exposes her butt cheeks. Say what you want, but is true, or it was for me.

To close off my little project. I like wearing thong bikinis when it is appropriate for a couple of reasons. 1) It makes me stay on a regular schedule in the gym. 2) I don’t wear one very week its more like every couple of months so the personal uplifting feeling happens every time I put it on and go out on a beach. 3) My husband loves my bikini collection, keeps his attention where it needs to be as I have no shortage of eyes on me when I wear one both men and woman.

By the way, I have never had anyone ever say anything rude to me when I am wearing a thong bikini, but I have had plenty of compliments from both men and women alike.

This is my favorite picture of me wearing my thong bikini
My favourite photo from the day. Me in my first thong bikini. Very proud of myself.

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