Are Thong Bikinis in Style?

The answer to this question on the surface seems simple, “Yes thong bikinis are in style and are continuing to grow in popularity” But the real questions are

Why are they in style?

Why is the popularity of the thong bikini continuing to grow?

To start, women are increasingly working on their bodies with a “best they can be” attitude. This factor has not only increased the popularity of the thong bikini with the younger generation, but also has increased the longevity of a women’s potential years to feel comfortable wearing a thong swimsuit bottom. Twenty years ago, it would be considered taboo for a woman in her early thirties to be seen wearing a thong bikini bottom, yet today women into their mid and late forties and sometimes fifties are sporting these tiny swimsuits simply because of advances in health and fitness.  Physical appearance is a serious business for present day women and are increasingly holding onto their youthful look far into their forties and fifties.

The second driver behind the continued growth in the thong bikini market is the differentiation between girls and women. In today’s society, a more mature physical physique is considered the desirable presence in any bikini style. As much as a younger youthful appearance was once the dominating factor in beach fashion, a more mature curvier torso is now taking over the beach scene.

Probably the leading factor of all, is the present fashion fixation on the what society has termed the booty or bum. Let’s face it, you can’t listen to the radio for 10 minutes without hearing a song that either talks about or uses the term booty on any given day and further the desirable definition of the perfect booty has change to a broader definition which now includes a fuller round look in addition to its historical teeny tiny traditional appearance. The term “Brazilian Butt” says it all.

Finally, the thong bikini is the perfect swimsuit that meets all the above criteria and has earned its universal acceptance not only through sociological changes but in parallel a physical fashion tend correction in the perfect body type that has adopted a much wider definition on all fronts including size, shape and age.

In summary, yes the thong bikini is in style and is growing at a rate that would make us all millionaires if it was on the stock market, but keep in mind the fashion trends that are driving the continued evolution of the thong bikini. 1) The thong bikini has a much wider age diversification that is has traditional experienced in past years: 2) The meaning of the perfect bikini body has changed to a much broader definition in both size and shape 3) Present day fashion fixation on the term booty has positioned the thong bikini for total acceptance on 90% on international beaches worldwide.

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