Bikini or One Piece Swimsuit styles for Shorter Legs, Thicker Thighs or a combination of the two

High Cut Swimwear for shorter legs or thicker thighs. The high cut swimsuit will elongate the thigh region giving the illusion of longer legs and slimmer thighs

When it comes to bikini or one-piece swimsuit styles for shorter legs, thicker thighs or a combination of the two, swimwear style characteristics are for the most part the same. Both attributes are not only considered positive but also desirable. Take for example the latest trends in the bikini body workout guides. The latest trend is to thicken up the thigh and buttock region. If your legs are shorter this actually makes the job somewhat easier so don’t fret, you are in good hands.

The key to looking amazing with shorter legs and or thicker thighs is to give the appearance of elongation of the  thigh / leg region. To achieve this choosing a bikini or one piece with either high cut thighs or an open thigh region is the perfect solution.

The high cut thigh one piece or bikini will elongate the lower region of the body, slimming the thighs and giving the appearance of much longer appendages. This elongated aspect not only provides the balance you are looking for but provides and extremely sexy health appearance for the legs themselves.

The higher cut styles are available in rear coverage options from full coverage to minimal coverage for example thongs that have side straps that sit higher on the hips.

High cut bikinis will elongate the appearance of the thighs providing longer appendages

Also the swimsuit might not have traditional higher cut hips but can also have a curved hip region if you are looking for extra coverage An additional trick is to wear wedge type sandals, these styles will not only further elongate the leg region but cause the calve and thigh muscles to flex as you walk further accentuating the leg region.

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