Bikini Tops For Breasts That Have Sagged

Why Do Breasts Sag in the First Place?

Breasts consist of fatty tissue and milk producing glands covered in skin that offers elasticity from a substance called protein elastin.

Sagging Breasts and Bikini Tops – Many reasons can be attributed to gravity taking hold of the bust line, but the main ones are smoking which reduces the amount of elastin protein in the skin tissue, weight gain / loss, pregnancy and age.

Breasts will sag simply because they are not correctly supported for example going bra-less.

In any case choosing the right bikini top will make all the difference when it comes to support and shape.

How to Choose the Correct Bikini Top

Big or small, breasts will sag for a number of reasons, we have offered a number of solutions to combat this problem further this article, but choosing the correct bikini top is essential for that perfect sculpted look. Here are some options that will help you choose the right bikini top for not only appearance but lifestyle too.

Support Bikini Top Sizing Chart:

Before proceeding, it is important to understand your bikini top size. Just like purchasing a bra, the same rules for sizing apply to support bikini tops. Using the chart above, simply find your bust measurement in row three and cup size in row four. The corresponding size in the same column in row two will be your bikini top size.



Underwire bikinis offering support and lift. The underwire bikini top is always the first to come to mind and for obvious reasons when it comes to the discussion of lift and support. Similar to the underwire bra these amazing tops offer support and shaping capabilities that will transform a saggy bust line into a goddess like stature.

Let’s take a look at the underwire bikini top at a holistic view before we get into details. Unlike the underwire bra, the underwire bikini top does not have wire; the wire has been replaced with a plastic rim that is sewn permanently into the lower seam of each cup. Because a bikini top is exposed to moisture on a regular basis the wire would rust thus the plastic replacement. Further the plastic rim is permanently sewn in place to avoid movement or potential accidents on the beach.

Depending on your breast shape, if your bust tends to push out to the sides, shearing on the side panels will solve this issue.

Lets take a look at some real underwire bikini options:

Full Coverage Full Support Underwire Bikini Top


For the really large breasts, the full coverage, full support top will offer many advantages. The full coverage top will keep things in place and not allow overflow or the risk of falling out of the top. This type of top features full side panels, to help push things forward plus a center seam for added frontal support to keep things shaped to perfection. This type of top offers support under the most extreme conditions.

Classic Underwire


The classic underwire bikini top focuses on the smaller to mid-range bust size. Similar to the full coverage top offering full coverage, these tops not only offer support and lift, but have removable padding to further lift the bust and give the appearance of a larger fuller cup..

This style is perfect for small to medium busts that need some support and extra lift.

Balconette Underwire Bikini Top


The balconette underwire bikini top offers exceptional lift with more skin exposure. Unlike its full coverage cousin, the balconette top is not a full coverage top, it leaves the upper portion of the bust line and chest exposed. This top offers great lift and support and typically has wider straps for comfort making up for the lost support from the lack of upper coverage.

Classic Sport Underwire Bikini Top


The standard sport underwire bikini top brings it all to the table for small to large busts but not extra-large. Again this top has removable padding depending on your desired appearance. Typically offering wider straps, center support seam and wider center seam between the cups making this top an all-around performer that not only looks great but can shape and lift under the most extreme conditions with ease. Again this top works on bust sizes from small to large but extra-large sizes should lean towards the full coverage version.

Sheer Support Underwire Bikini Top


Not for the faint of  heart, there is always the sheer version of the underwire bikini top. This spectacular top offers all of the attributes of the classic sport underwire minus the center seam offering slightly less frontal shaping but the shear fabric makes up for  this. Beware, this bikini top is going to bring a great deal of attention to the table so be ready for what comes your way.

Classic Sport Halter Bikini Top

Classic Sport Halter Bikini Top

The classic halter sport bikini top offers incredible provisional support for many reasons. The fabric itself is stretchy providing all around firm support encompassing the full breast region.. This style of support top will shape things giving a full round appearance plus keep everthing firmly in place. This style not only keeps things secure, but typically has a minimum of a 5/8 under bust support band that will keep your bust region lifted.

Halter Sport Mesh Bikini Top


The halter sport mesh bikini top is a relatively new design that offers great support without all of the coverage that a tradional sport top gives. This style uses see through mesh on the upper chest and central region of the bust to give additional support but leaves the upper chest area open and unobstructed. A truly great option for the active woman looking for an extra lift but does not want to sacrifice the appearance of a tradional bikini top.

Pleated Drape Support Top

Pleated Drape Support Top

For a truly elegant look, the drape or pleated bikini top has a lot to offer. Not only does it give full coverage for the more self-conscious but under  all that beautiful fabric are some great control options. From the outside, this top offers full coverage in a pleated detailed fabric look, but under all of this incredible detailing is a magnificent hidden shelf bra that will give plenty of support, in addition, this top not only has a full tie back but an additional hook clasp for added confidence and support.

Is there anything I can do to keep my breasts firm?


How To Firm Up Breast Tissue Avoiding sudden weight gain and loss is a sure way to help breasts stay in a taught position. Weight gain will stretch the skin that holds the breasts in an upward/ outward position. The skin that runs from the underside of the breast into the shoulder or deltoid region is the main contributor to the effect.

Drinking plenty of water is a sure fire way to help keep the elasticity in the skin. We here on a daily basis that water is critical to all human organs including skin cells.

The University of Wisconsin has stated that lack of proper hydration will cause premature aging of the skin. Starting the day by drinking a liter of water is an excellent way to initially hydrate your body, adding some lemon will further add benefits to your morning regime.

Nutrition is another key factor in breast health and appearance. Eating foods that contain hemp seeds, sulfur based protein and vitamin C to name a few offer excellent benefits to breast health in general.

Exercise is another key factor not only for breast health but appearance too. Exercises that build up the pecs “pectorals major and pectorals minor” as well as the deltoids will help keep things in place. As the muscle gets firmer from exercise, the skin over the muscle region will help pull the breasts upward.

Many yoga regimes include breast specific exercises for this purpose.

Home Remedies for Saggy Breasts that Really Work:


As mentioned previously exercise and nutrition are the two initial areas to focus on that will help fight the forces of gravity. Yoga offers many exercises that will firm up the chest and shoulder region thus help lift your bust. Push ups and pull overs are two main exercises that will help with this problem. Keep in mind exercise alone will not solve the problem, but a firm foundation needs to be built for the breasts to reside on.



Pull Overs For Firm Bust



Massaging the breasts with olive oil three or four times a week is an excellent way to firm up the skin. Olive oil offers an abundance of antioxidants and fatty acids that will attack the free radicals and reverse the damage done as well as improving skin texture and tone.

Follow this simply process when applying olive oil:

Put a few drops of olive oil on your hands and rub them together.

Rub your hands over your bust region initially in a circular motion to evenly spread the oil then in an upwards motion from the bottom of the bust to the shoulder region.

This procedure should take 15 minutes to achieve full effects.

Results will start to show in two weeks and improvement will continue as long as you stay with the procedure.

Make a Mask

There are many skin masks on the market to help bring youth to aging skin however why spend the money when you can do it yourself for pennies.

Follow these simple steps to create an outstanding mask for skin repair:

Remove the skin from a small to medium sized cucumber. Cut up into small pieces than crush in a bowel or use a blender.

Add one egg yolk and some butter to create a paste.

Apply to your breasts and leave on for a minimum of 15 minutes, “the longer the better”

Wash off with cool water and dry.

Do this process once a week for a firmer, smoother looking bust.

The Fenugreek Way

fenugreek bust enhancement mask

Homemade fenugreek bust enhancement mask for firmer breastsFenugreek is an excellent base for another type of mask that will help with sagging breasts. Like the cucumber and egg yolk mask, the Fenugreek mask is loaded with vitamins and antioxidants that will fight free radical damage and will not only tighten your skin but will help lift and smooth the region.

Take one quarter to one third cup of Fenugreek powder and mix with water to achieve a paste like substance.

Apply to the entire bust region including the frontal shoulder region.

Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

Apply this process once or twice a week.

Ice It Up

Yes we said ice it up for the final touch.

Ice To Firm Breast Tissue

Ice To Firm Breast Tissue – So you have done all of the exercises, you’re eating right, applying your masks and you have seen amazing results. Here is the final step to a perfect bust before you hit the beach in you bikini.

Just before you are ready to slip on your bikini, relax on your bed and take two ice cubes and rub them all over your bust region. All of the work you have done will come to life instantly. The skin around your bust region will instantly tighten and become taught.

Gently dry off and slip on your bikini and it’s time to show off you new cleavage with pride.


Saggy or droopy breasts are not that big of a deal as long as you apply some common sense, add some health aspects and choose the right bikini top that not only offers the support needed but achieves the desired look

Now get out there and rock your body to its full potential.

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