Bikinis For Wide Hips

Introduction to Bikinis for Wide Hips and Thick Thighs

The following questions will be answered in this post

What Bikinis look best on women with wide hips?

What style of bikini looks best with thick thighs?

All women's bodies are sexy. Wide thighs, thick hips.

So, you are lucky enough to have some hips and thighs. Well you are the woman that the bikini was originally designed for so consider yourself lucky because if you make a quick visit to your local gym women are literally working on increasing the size of their hips and thighs through extreme weight lifting using specialized exercises that are designed to increase the size of both their hips and thighs. Believe it or not, success on these workout routines is based on the amount of size they can add to their booty, hips and thighs.

Full disclosure, we were on a photo shoot in Mexico last fall “Oct. 2019” doing our shoots for swim 2020. We were sitting at a huge table having lunch and this extremely nice woman came over and asked if she could join us. During our conversation, she asked this exact question, Look at my hips and thighs. What kind of bikini would work for me? She was visibly frustrated and discouraged. I laughed and said we can fix you up. We invited her to spend the afternoon with us, let her try a couple of designs and took some photos for her to take home. She left with a whole new outlook and confidence.

Before we get into details, keep in mind, many major models are making millions of dollars a year showing off their sexy wide hips and curvaceous thighs in teeny tiny swimsuits. Take a look at Kim Kardashian! Kim brings to the table a beautiful curved bikini body and there is no shortage of hips on this girl, she has thick thighs and booty and is in high demand for photo shoots at the age of 40 all because of her thighs, booty and hips.

Kim Kardashian showing off her wide hips, thick thighs and booty.
Kim Kardashian Looking sexy in a Black High Waist Thong Bikini
Make no mistake here, this girl has wide hips and thick thighs and looks amazing in a bikini. Ref: Kim Kardashian
Just Love Kim Kardashian in a String Bikini
Kim Kardashian shows off her large booty and hips in this sexy monokini
Kim Kardashian in a One Piece Thong Monokini – Wow

Or how about Iskra Lawrence who is a size 14 super model from Worcester, England. Iskra has earned herself international fame from her swimwear and lingerie modelling career with Instagram followers in the millions. Iskra doesn’t hide a thing and she has a rule that when she models her photos are not allowed to be touched up or modified in any way. This is the real girl, and she has the hips and thighs to prove it

Iskra Lawrence add a shoe new level of sexy to the thong bikini
Iskra Lawrence Rocking Those Beautiful Curves

Always beautiful Iskra-Lawrence is just that perfect model. Loves those hips and thicker thighs
Iskra Lawrence Just Bikini Perfect

Iskra Lawrence sure loves her curves. She has those beautiful thick thighs sexy wide hips and a nice round booty.
Iskra Lawrence Looks Absolutely Bikini Perfect

Here is another celebrity that is not afraid to show off her beautiful curves. Mariah Carey loves the beach and her bikinis. Let’s also keep in mind she is 50 years old and loves to show off those stunning hips and thighs.

Mariah Carey showing off her wide hips and beautiful thick thighs
Mariah Carey Bikini Perfect at Age 50
Mariah Carey is not shy about her size. Showing off those curves is definitely a plus.
Mariah Carey Rocks Her Bikini Curves
Side view of Mariah Carey showing off her thick thighs and wide feminine hips
Mariah Carey Beach Sexy as Ever

Well Katie Green is another plus sized model who has made it her life to set examples of body image for women. She was told by her modelling agency she had to lose weight if she wanted to continue working with Wonder Bra. She refused saying “I like myself exactly how I am”…Nobody can say that Katie is less than breathtaking.

Katie Green has embraced her size 8 figure and is proud of her wide hips and thick thighs
Katie Green Bandeau Bikini -Stunning
Katie Green loves her life and is not afraid to show off her curves. its all about being a woman with sexy curves and thighs
Katie Green String Bikini -Breathtaking

Katie Green is a perfect example of what curves and thighs and hips mean. Beautiful
Katie Green Beach Bikini Babe

If you go online and read 95% of the posts about bikini styles for wide hips, they are going to show you some resemblance to the bikini to the left, it typically has a high waist line, low cut thighs full lining and worst of all, the fitted seams around both the waist line and thigh openings are typically elastic not fitted elastic. Really…….REALLY, being a woman, this offends me. At this point I say STOP. STOP RIGHT HERE. LET’S BACK THIS TRUCK UP!

Now if this sort of bikini suits your style, all good, but I myself am a thicker woman and I personally do not want to wear this style of bikini. I need more. This is why we chose to start this article with a few examples of women wearing different options to this style of swimsuit.

Lexi Placourakis simply stunning in a sheer black string bikini
Lexi-Placourakis looks sensational in this sexy black sheer bikini

I know if you follow our blog you have heard this line a thousand times but we are going to say it again “ITS ABOUT BALANCE” you need to take an honest look at your body and decide is your upper torso meaning your bust area wider or larger than your hips, are your hips wider than your bust region or are you thicker in the middle.

Now if you have read to this point, you are probably wondering why we put all of these celebrities in here as examples, yes they are curvy; yes they have hips, thicker thighs and booty. I think we can all agree they are all beautiful women all wearing bikinis on the beach. Now the one thing we wanted you to notice which you probably did not was the fact they are all wearing different styles of bikinis. Some are in thongs, high waist bottoms while others prefer triangle string bikinis or even a banded waist.

We bet you did not even notice and that was our point. So now let’s get down to the detail of all these different styles and why the work.

Black High Waist Cheeky Thong Bikini

Our first example was Kim Kardashian wearing a high waist black thong bikini. with a string top. In this case Kim’s bust matches her hips so everything is in balance. This style of bikini bottom offers a number of positive attributes.

  1. It slims her waist line with the high hips and control waist band
  2. It accentuates her curves
  3. It elongates and slims her thighs
  4. The cheeky back offers a higher degree of sexiness

This style is super sexy on all figure types, sizes and shapes but is especially sexy on women with wider hips, thicker thighs and a tummy. It works with a woman’s curves not against them. The added bonus is that the waist band can be folded down to suit any figure for a perfect fit.

Below are photos of Iskra Lawrence and Kim Kardashian respectively wearing a high waist thong bikini.

Iskra Lawrence looks sensational in this high waist thong bikini
Iskra Lawrence | High Waist Thong Bikini
kim kardashian lving her life in a high waist cheeky thong bikini
Kim Kardashian | High Waist Cheeky Bikini

String Bikinis for Thicker Thighs and Wider Hips

Above can be seen Kim Kardashian, Mariah Carey and Lexi Placourakis, all wearing string bikinis. In all three examples we see stunning women all with thicker body types but different attributes looking simply sensational.

The string bikini is in a category all on its own. Yes, the string bikini is tiny but do not, and we stress do not underestimate the slimming capabilities of this bikini. Depending on where you wear the strings on your hips, this tiny two piece swimsuit can be to say the least mystifying.

Again here is a tiny swimsuit overlooked by so many women yet really should be their go to bikini.

  1. No other bikini styles is available in so many colours, styles and coverage options
  2. The hip strings are key, wear them higher on the hips for an elongated appearance, where them lower for a wider appearance.
  3. Choose from G-string, thong, tonga, cheeky or full rear coverage depending on your comfort level.

In this case we think that Ashley Graham is probably the best example of how a string bikini works with a woman’s curves not against them. Notice she wears her strings high on her hips which smooths and balances things out. In the nine photos below of Ashley, you can get an idea of what a string bikini can look like.

Ashley Graham Plus Size String Bikini
Ashley relaxing in a Purple String Bikini
Ashley Graham Plus Size babe on Beach String Bikini
Ashley Strolling Down the Beach Looking Stunning
Ashley Graham, Pleated G-String Bikini, PLus Size. thick Legs, Wide Hips
Ashley Graham String Thong Bikini “Perfect”
Thick Plus Size Model String Bikini Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham Rocking Her Curves
Ashley Graham thick Body Plus Size Bikini Model
Ashley Graham at Her Curvaceous Best
Ashely Plus size Babe Looks Sexy in her Wide Hips and Thick Body String Bikini
Ashley Graham Showing Off her Knockout Figure in the Surf
Red String Thong Bikini on Plus Size Ashley Graham
Ashley Graham Plus Size Sexy
Ashley Graham string bikini plus size, thick belly, thick thighs wide hips
Ashley G. Wearing a Sizzling String Print Bikini
Ashley Graham plus size wide hips thick thighs belly and booty sexy
Ashley Graham One of The Sexiest Women on Earth

Thought we would share one more photo of Ashley, but this time she is wearing her string bikini ties horizontal to her hip line instead of on top of her hips. This is a perfect example of the difference that changing something as simple as a bikini string can change the perception of a body part. In this photo, her hips look exceptionally wider than any of the photos above. Now with this said, still breathtaking but a different look.

Ashley Graham showing Off her Wide Hips wearing her String Bikini Low On her Hips

Brazilian or Colombian styled Bikinis for Women with Wide Hips and Thighs

Here we have another option that again offers a completely different appearance but just as sexy. The Brazilian or Colombian bikini styles sit high on the hips, typically has a scoop front, in some cases a deep scoop or even a “V” shape. It also typically offers full coverage of the buttock region. Many styles also offer a scrunch back feature that is also quite appealing. This bikini again will elongate the thighs, lengthen your torso, smooth out your tummy and give a slender look to your central section. It’s a real game changer for many women, and I we can assure you 99% of women’s partners that have thicker thighs, wider hips and buttocks will approve.

Tabria-Majors Weating a sky blue Colombian bikini showing off her curves and heavy thighs
Tabria Majors showing off her beautiful feminine curves, so sexy in this Brazilian bikini style
Catherine Li Plus Size dream girl with thick thighs, wide hips, thick tummy sexy
Catherine Li could stop time in this sexy plus Colombian bikini
Plus Size Ashley Grahamlooks sensational in this Colombian-bikini
Ashley Graham, what can we say except breathtaking
Iskra-Lawrence wearing a side tie scoop Colombian bikini
Iskra Lawrence looks sensational in this side tie Brazilian scoop bikini
Iskra Lawrence rocks her wide hips and thick thighs in this powder blue Colombian bikini
Iskra Lawrence loves her Colombian bikinis, this is a perfect cut for Iskra, simply gorgeous
Another view of Iskra-Lawrence wearing a stunning Colombian bikini perfect for the girl with wide hips and thick thighs
Here again is Iskra Lawrence showing off her perfect curves
Carmen Fozzard looks amazing in this scoop front plus size Colombian bikini
Carmen Fozzard Looking HOT in this sexy scoop Colombian style bikini

Thong Bikinis for the Plus Size Woman

Ah yes the thong bikini. The thong bikini has caused more controversy then the original release of the two piece bikini decades ago. For the plus woman with wider hips and thicker thighs, why not? It’s the perfect design that really embraces a woman’s beauty. The days of the thin woman wearing a bikini and being the desired body type are long gone. The problem is that there are still pockets or we prefer to call them potholes of society that have not caught up. Take for example the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.  This magazine is one of the most sought after magazine issues and has not only embraced the plus size woman but encourages it. Sports Illustrated has featured models in the plus category for years for example Tara Lynn, a stunning size 14 / 16 model, Ashley Graham at a breathtaking size 16 and Hunter McGrady another stunner at size 16 just to name a few. In every case, these plus size models have been featured in the tinniest bikinis including thongs and G-strings.

The thong bikini offers:

  • The thong bikini is y far the most slimming and smoothing of all bikinis.
  • Yes it show considerably more skin, but is that a bad thing, we think not.
  • It offers the ability to adjust the straps to whatever height is needed for a perfect balance.
  • Probably the sexiest bikini on earth.
Ashley Graham rocking her plus size wide hips and thick thighs in a one piece thong swimsuit
Ashley Graham looks sensational in this red thong swimsuit
Ashley Graham rocking a red Baywatch one piece thong swimsuit
Ashley Graham in a red Baywatch inspired one piece thong swimsuit
Plus Size Stephanie Viada looks sensational in this black thong bikini
Stephanie Viada looks sensational in this sexy thong bikini
Stephanie Viada showing off her beautiful thick body. Plus size thighs and wide sexy hips
Stephanie Viada in a string thong bikini
Ashley Graham showing her stunning cheeks in a one piece thong swimsuit
Ashley Graham looks so sexy in this white sheer one piece thong swimsuit
Ashley Graham this time wearing a one piece white thong swimsuit. eautiful thick thighs and wide hips, high cut thighs
Ashley Graham in a white one piece high thigh thong swimsuit
Tabria majors supler plus size model in a black thong bikini
Tabria Majors a bikini bombshell for sure
Stephanie Viada this time wearing an orange string thong bikini
You have to love the beauty of Stephanie Viada in this orange sport thong
Stephanie Viada big bold abd beautiful in a black thong bikini
Stephanie Viada Black thong bikini.
Iskra Lawrence looks sensational in this blue cheeky thong swimsuit embracing her thick sexy body
Iskra Lawrence Looks Sensational in the this two piece cheeky plus size thong bikini

High Waist Shaping Bikinis for Thicker Woman

The high waist bikini typically has hidden control panels. They are available in styles starting at low thigh maximum coverage to high thing medium coverage. To be honest we prefer the higher thighs simply because again it tends to balance out a woman’s figure. We have to keep in mind that every woman’s view on coverage or lack of coverage is different. We do not recommend purchasing a bikini that is not within your personal comfort level, however with this said we do encourage you to push your own boundaries and challenge yourself.

Iskra Lawrence in a pink high waist cheeky bikini with mid cut thighs, plus size, thick wide hips
Iskra Lawrence looks great in this Cheeky Pink High Waist Mid Thigh Bikini
Iskra Lawrence wearing as plus size black high cut bikini with high waist.
Here we see Iskra Lawrence wearing a High Thigh, High Waist Bikini

Ashley Graham in a low cut bikini plus size wide hips with high waist line
Ashley Graham rocks in this Full Coverage, High Waist, Low Cut Bikini
Stephanie Viada wearing a high waist Brazilian Bikini with scoop front
Stephanie Viada wearing a high waist, high cut bikini looking oh so sexy

Final Thoughts for Women with wide hips and thick thighs:

I personally recommend that you do in fact challenge your comfort levels when it comes to swimwear. Your curvy, you are stunning and you deserve the very best. Don’t let your own boundaries hold you back. The world is changing at supersonic speed. The woman with curves, thick thighs and wide hips is quickly becoming a leading bikini attribute, be part of the change; don’t hide behind your personal inhibitions. Be a woman, be feminine and most important live free.

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