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The most flattering bikini bottom style, thong side tie bikini bottoms are so tiny, yet so flattering and empowering. Basically a thong side tie bikini is just like a tradional thong bottom with the added side ties increasing its sultry look. The bonus of the side ties allow the bottom to be adjusted to the perfect fit. This option makes it perfect for all body types, sizes and shapes.

Thong Tie Side Bikini Bottoms

Before the continuing our review; Tie side thong bikini bottoms encompasses three basic breeds of the cheeky styles.

First there is the side tie tonga thong bikini bottom that offers slightly more rear coverage than a tradional thong. Second we have the middle of the road which is the traditional thong style and finally the third option is the G-string bikini bottom.

The side tie option on these beautiful bikini bottoms offers a whole new level of sexy alluring charm and romantic ambiance to the thong set.

If you are looking for a bikini bottom that offers:

  • Minimal rear coverage for the buttocks.
  • A suit that will elongate the legs
  • Make the buttock cheeks look rounder and fit
  • Pucker the cheeks
  • Slenderize the torso
  • Work with those sexy curves
  • Make the body look amazingly athletic
  • Offers freedom of movement
  • Is easy to adjust to the proper fit
  • Liberating
  • Empowering

Then the side tie thong bikini bottom is the only solution that will meet all of the above criteria.  

No matter if you are short or tall, skinny or thick; this unique bikini bottom style is for you. Typically they can be purchased either individually, mix and match or as a set. How what you choose to wear is up to you.

Get ready to jump into the new generation of bikini fashion. The thong bikini is here to stay. Enjoy the freedom of movement, the empowerment and flexibility of Thong Tie Side Bikini Bottoms.

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