Difference Between a Tonga, Thong and G-String Bikini

Many women get confused when they attempt to purchase a new bikini. The confusion is mainly caused by three main categories that  encompass the cheeky style of bikini.

This article is meant to clearly define the difference between these three popular bikini styles and remove the cloud of ambiguity that typically comes when shopping for a new bikini.

First we will apply a definition to the three main categories. By doing so you will clearly understand the differences and similarities between them.

  • Tonga bikinis
  • Thong bikinis
  • G-string bikinis

Tonga Bikini

Tonga Bikini Definition:

The tonga bikini is a slightly more conservative design than the classic thong. Typically this style is based on the original triangle string bikini with a triangle front panel attached by strings that ride across or over the hips depending on the wearers personal preference and an extremely small triangle on the back.

here is the front view of a tonga bikini
Tonga – Front View
A nice look at the side view of a tanga bikini
Tonga – Side View
Here we take a look at what a tonga bikini looks like from the back
Tonga – Back View

Thong Bikini

Thong Bikini Definition:

The thong bikini is the most popular cheeky bikini on the market today. It has for the most part gained international acceptance with the exception of a limited number of countries that due to religious beliefs do not allow the thong on their beaches.

The thong is a fixed bikini bottom style, with a full coverage front and solid hip straps “not strings” over the hips with a thin strip of material forming a narrow triangle in the back that fits between the buttocks. The thong is considered a full rear exposing bikini.

There are three main types of thongs, the T back or classic thong, the banded and the high waist thong sometimes referred to as the retro thong bikini because of its similar high waist profile to a late 50’s bikini

Classic or T Back Thong Bikini

The classic thong bikini is the style that comes to mind for most of us when we think of a thong. It typically has a scoop front, higher hip straps and a classic T back shape encompassing the buttocks

Thong Bikini Front View
Classic Thong Bikini
Thong Bikini Front View
Thong – Front View
Back view of a thong bikini
Thong – Back View

Banded Thong Bikini

The banded thong bikini is very similar to the classic or T back thong except that it has a waist band that can be folded down to adjust the height over the waistline. This style of thong is popular with women that want the thong look and feel but are not comfortable showing the lower section of their tummy’s

Banded thong bikini
Banded Thong Bikini
Banded thong bikini
Banded Thong Bikini – Front View
Banded thong bikini back view
Banded Thong Bikini – Back View

High Waist or Retro Thong Bikini

The high waist or sometimes referred to as the retro thong bikini because of its resemblance to a late 1950’s or early 1960’s retro bikini offers even more tummy coverage than the banded thong. Some designs offer a tummy control band to help smooth things out. This thong has become very popular for women in all age groups looking for tummy coverage but do not want to sacrifice the thong look.

View the retro thong bikini or sometimes called the high waist bikini
High Waist or Retro Thong Bikini
high wasit or retro thong bikini front view
High Waist Thong Bikini Front View
High waist or retro thong bikini back biew
High Waist Thong Bikini – Back View

G-String Bikini

G-String Bikini Definition:

The G-string bikini is the tiniest of the three styles discussed. It is also becoming increasingly more popular on beaches in North America but still has a long way to go to achieve the popularity of the thong or tonga.

The G-string bikini bottom consist of a triangular front panel “smaller than the tonga” with either hip strings that are spandex / elastic based or strings that tie at the hip, The back is a simply string that rides between the buttocks. Again the G-string bikini is the tiniest of the three.

G-String Bikini front view
G-String Bikini
A nice front view of a thong bikini
G-String Bikini – Front View
Back view of a g-string bikini
G-String Bikini – Back View


We hope that you now understand the difference between the three main types of cheeky bikini styles that are commonly found on beaches today, the tonga, thong and g-string bikini. Each and every woman brings to the table individual personalities, emotions and fashion needs. Its up to you what style of cheeky bikini you want to wear and more important, what style will feel comfortable on your body and make you feel individual, powerful, unique and above all sexy.

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