First Time Thonger

I was asked to share my story about the first time I wore a thong bikini.

This is My Story

So first I will tell you a little bit about myself before we get into the details.

This is my story wearing a thong for the first time in public. Its was a positive experience that I want to share.

Hello, my name is Sandra Tanner, I was born on February 5th 1991 which makes me 28 years old at the time of this article. Personality wise, I would say I am somewhat reserved, tend to lean more towards the conservative side of things. I am not an introvert nor an extrovert, just a normal 28 year old woman. 

I had been flying by the seat of my pants since my divorce but so far think I’ve been relatively successful.  My children are alive, my job is secure, I own my home…..  well I rent it from the bank but I am in fact living the dream.

So time for a little Mom time!.  My best girlfriends decided it was time to take a vacation.  Mayan Riviera did not know what it was about to experience.   Ok well the Mayan Riviera had no idea what lame exhausted Moms were bringing to the table. 

I decided, right then, that the  Mayan Riviera was our targeted location to let loose and have some fun.. We stayed at the Ocean Coral & Turquesa.  The Ocean Coral & Turquesa is located on the seafront in Punta Coral, in the area of Puerto Morelos. It is an absolutely fabulous resort.

Checking my list twice – Pawn off the kids – check.  Pack my cutest shoes – check.  Sunscreen SPF 5000 – check. One piece bathing suit circa 1924 – check.  Get to the airport 5 hours early so as not to be stressed – check.  Call the kids 12 times – check and check.  Yup I’m ready!

My married girlfriends were very anxious to get me “out there”.  I am not prepared to be “out there” however throwing caution to the wind and psyching myself up for an epic vacay.

Flight is fine.  Arrival is euphoric.  Beer when we land!  Oh it’s going to be more than epic.  I’m going to party like it’s 1939! 

Just a teaser shoe of me wearing a thong bikini. The first time was an experience like no other. I felt confident, feminine and strong.
My First Time Wearing A Thong Bikini

After checking in, we agreed to rush to our rooms get changed and meet at the private pool bar. I was surprised to find my four fine friends either sporting thongs or close to it. Did I mention one of my friend’s is getting married and that is one of the other reasons we were on this vacation together in the first place. Of course, one drink led to another and the ribbing started. They were all trying to get me to get a thong and wear it to the beach the next day.

Me on vacation with friends at a beach resort

Well tomorrow came and went and I did not sport a thong bikini, however I did notice that the thong was pretty much common place everywhere and probably 30 to 40 percent of the other guests in my age group 20 – 45 LOL were sporting some shape or form of a cheeky bikini. Further don’t think for a minute that my friends had let up on me either……. It appeared that they had come prepared for this vacation and had a couple of these tiny units in their vacation arsenal. I was not prepared for this. Nor did I think I was ready.

So let’s move forward to day two.  Full day.  Get up and have grown up breakfast.  Back to room to change for the beach.  Not even one step out of the bathroom and my girlfriend is swinging something around on her finger.  Hmmmm   She says…….. ditch the grandma suit we brought you something better!  Turns out it is a light blue sexy string bikini top and a String THONG bottom!  WTF??  Nope not gonna happen.  I’m too old I told them!  I don’t have the body for that I told them.  No one wants to see me in a thong I told them.   Nothing but smirks and winks is what I got back.  After much agonizing, I relented and embraced the challenge. 


What had I done?

Would I live this down?

Would I end up on the front page of the tabloids?

Will people stare?

Are people going to point and laugh?


It was a beautiful experience wearing this tiny bikini for the first time.
Wearing My String Thong Bikini

At this point I was thinking, “A Thong” – not to be confused with that hollywood snack “The Thing” although equally disturbing and hopefully unrealistic.

So there it was this tiny little blue thong bikini draped neatly over the back of the chair at the desk in my room. It was waiting for me. Yes it was waiting for me. I felt cornered, what was I going to do? How could I get out of this? OMG.

Well reality set in and I realized I did not want to let my friends down so off to the bathroom I go with my new bikini in hand. Don’t ask why I went to the bathroom as I was alone in my room at this point, but I guess I wanted to make sure the walls did not see me.

I slid on the bottom with precision, then put on the little string triangle top. I had my back to the mirror, yup I was scared to look. I peeked around my right side towards the mirror, I could see a side view of myself. Hay I thought that’s not so bad, then I looked at my butt, of course like all women our butt is to big, it could be the size of a pair of plums but we would still think it was the size of a beef cow.

Reality set in again, OK I have it on, but I have to leave the room now. The anxiety I felt cannot be put into words. It was crippling, I felt like running to the airport and jumping on the first plane that was leaving and I did not care where it was going, anywhere but here I thought.

But then my common sense kicked in, what would my friends think if I deserted them, plus I had given my word. So then I remembered my sarong. I looked at that sarong like it was my bullet proof vest, it was going to save me from the world. So on goes the sarong. I had no idea a sarong could be so sheer and see through.

Well on went the sarong but wait before I turned the door knob, I remembered I had a bar fridge in my room fully stocked with all kinds of tiny bottles of courage. Of course, in the Mayan Riviera there is no shortage of tequila and nor did my fridge. So I grabbed one of those little bottles of courage and choked down the golden nectar, hmm no so bad I thought, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it,  before I let it take affect, I decided a double dose of courage was need for this field trip, so two it was.

Well a few minutes later I was ready, nothing was taking me down. Out the door I went. At this point with a lot of help from the tequila, I was not hiding, I was not strolling, I was strutting my stuff with the courage of raging bull. I went out that door and I was on my way.

I was a little nervous wearing a thong for the first time but is was an experience I would advise every woman to try. it is empowering.
It is so empowering to wear a thong bikini

Our rooms backed right onto a pathway to the pool where we were going to meet. Yup its on. Oh %^&*( here come two guys coming right a me. I had two choices…. Try and jump into the jungle like overgrowth along the path or face them head on. Concerned with the major trauma and lesions I would likely have after diving into the underbrush, I decided to take the bull by the horns and stroll by them with confidence. Yup with confidence, as they got closer, I could feel my face getting red, my knees were weak and I could feel this out of control urge to throw up. I walked by them tried to force a smile and hopefully my body would hold out.

Well to my surprise, they were polite, they did not stare, in fact the simply said good morning and smiled. As I walked away, I heard one of them say, “She’s Hot”. WHAT, I AM HOT…..I am wearing this teeny tiny string thing called a thong for three minutes in public and I have already been complimented. Hmm This changes everything.

Well on to the pool I go I am feeling pretty good about things now, the tequila has settled in nicely and I am feeling relatively confident. Well there are my friends. They jumped up and gave me a standing ovation when they saw me, whistles were heard, cat calls, you can imagine … Of course I got a little carried away and off came the sarong and did a little amateur modeling for them to their enjoyment and glee.

Just loving my life wearing a thong bikini for the first time on vacation with friends at a beach resort.

Fast forward.  My life changed in the course of 12 minutes.  I hit the beach. My towel was confiscated.  The volleyball and frisbees came out.  It was time to rock my thong.  Well I was weirdly inconspicuous and not out of the norm.  I was also that single mom with a lot of attention.  NOT because I was wearing a thong but because I was likely the most confident woman on the beach.  I was a different woman!  I put on and rocked my thong and cannot help but ask myself why I hadn’t allowed myself before to be and do me!  My ass was out there for the world to see but that, again, was not why I was loving me! It was because I finally had decided that I deserve to live my life and embrace the confidence I knew I always had but wouldn’t allow myself to exploit.  I will never ever hit a beach without my confidence.  Confidence in myself because I am worth it.  I am amazing.  I am the best me I can be.  Did the thong give me this confidence?  Nope.  It was the confidence to be exactly who I wanted to be at that time. BUT thank you thong!

I have a new respect for me.  I have decided that I no longer care what others think.  I am going to wear my thong and dye my hair pink if I want, wear high heels with my pajama pants, sing along to my ipod in the gym. 

Yup I’m done worrying about what others think.

Ladies, rock your thong!!!  

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