Created in the image of the goddess’sabove, G-string bikinis are the ultimate rear exposing two-piece swimsuit.Designed for full buttock exposure these breathtaking jewels of the beach offera seductive approach to the swimwear fashion scene. Like the thong bikini, theG-string has full frontal coverage in most cases a triangular front panel, butunlike the thong which typically has a slightly wider rear panel only has astring that rides comfortably between the buttocks and then attaches to a hipstring thus the name “G-string”.

g-string bikinis for the world to see

Available in every color, pattern and hueunder the sun, these sizzling swimsuits offer a truly sensational view of the full female physique.

Over and above the obvious the G-stringbikini will slenderize the appearance of a woman’s figure further enhancing itspopularity among women of all ages and body types.