How to Buy Your Wife or Girlfriend a Bikini

Introduction – How to Purchase The Right Size Bikini For Your Wife Or Girlfriend

So you want to surprise your wife or girlfriend with a new bikini? Where do you start?

Well don’t fret, it’s really simple if you follow these simple steps.

Before you start shopping you need to understand what size to purchase, meaning you need to figure out the right top size and bottom size.

Let’s start with the top size.

Choose The Right Bikini Top Size

How to choose the right bikini top size. Measuring for a new bikini top

Go find one of your partners bra’s and on the tag it will tell you what size the bra is, now go down to the chart below and find the sizing on the table and look at the corresponding top line for the bikini top size.

Now for an example, my bra size is a 36B. I look across the bust size until I find the number 36. Then find the cup size which is the letter B. In my case I would purchase a size “M” or medium.

Here is another example; if my bra size was 38D I would purchase an “LL” bikini top. It’s really that simple.

Bikini Top sizing Chart

Bikini Top Sizing Chart

Choose The Right Bikini Bottom Size

How to choose the right size bikini bottom

The easiest and simplest way to determine a bikini bottom size is to check the sizing tags on your partners underwear. 90% of the time they will give you an XS, S, M, L, LL etc. You now know the bikini bottom size, however 10% of the time, you will see a waist and hip measurement on the underwear tag, if this is the case, simply use the chart below, find the corresponding waist / hip size on the chart and you can easily determine the bikini bottom size.

Bikini Bottom Sizing Chart

Bikini Bottom SizeXS/PSMLLL1X2X3X
Bikini Bottom Sizing Chart

Last Step- Go Get That Perfect Bikini

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