How To Care For Your Thong Bikini

Before we look at how to take care of your new thong bikini, let’s look at swimwear fabric and understand the basics.

Swimwear Fabric.

Quality swimwear is typically manufacturedfrom a blend of nylon and lycra.

Lycra is a polyurethane-based synthetic fiberthat is a registered brand name that’s also called elastane or spandex. Firstdeveloped by Dupont in 1958 with the intent to replace latex rubber as anelasticity agent in the clothing industry. Lycra brings two key characteristicsto the table that make it perfect for swimwear. The first is strength. Lycra isan extremely strong fabric that is known to hold its shape under extremeconditions. Secondly lycra is extremely durable which lends itself well to thetypical conditions that a thong is exposed to including chlorine, salt, sandetc. Finally,  lycra is the fabric thatgives a swimsuit the ability to cling securely to the body and offers freedomof movement.

Nylon is the second fabric used in thethong bikini. It was first developed during the second world war to manufactureparachutes. As the war progressed shortages of hemp and cotton-based fabricsforced the military to find alternatives for the main fabric in parachutes andnylon came to be. After the war, shortages of the same fabrics forced people tomake clothing out of the old parachutes and nylon earned its place in thefashion industry. The nylon fiber by itself is a very strong agent, howeverwhen weaved into cloths for example stockings, it is susceptible to runs.

Now when nylon is used as the base fabricthen combined with lycra, a very tough stretchable fabric is created that doesnot absorb water and is extremely resistant to wear and tear. This fabric blendis the ultimate fabric for swimwear.

The nylon/lycra blended fabric can be of athicker weave consistency for your regular swimsuit or it can be a looser weavefor the more sheer or see through styles. In any case lyrca /nylon blendedfabric is by far the best option for any type of swimsuit.

Now that we understand the basics behind swimwearfabric. Let’s look at how to take care of your swimsuit for years of service.

Caring for Your New Thong Bikini

Taking care of your new thong bikini islike anything else, it takes a little extra time, but the benefits aresubstantial.

When you purchase you new swimsuit,purchase two. The reason for this that you can alternate the swimsuits. It isimportant each swimsuit fully dries and goes back into its original shapebefore you put it back on again or it will lose its shape quickly.

If you think you have purchased a cheapswimsuit, putting a teaspoon of white vinegar in a quart of water then soakingyour new swimsuit in this solution for 30 minutes will help lock in the dye andavoid leaching. Many swimsuits manufactured in Asian countries have this issue.

No matter what you are doing, swimming,sitting in a hot tub or tanning on the beach, your thong bikini needs to berinsed. Sunscreens, tanning oils, chlorine and salt will all take their toll onyour two piece over time.

Washing consists of a hand wash in warmwater in a sink with mild hand soap. Do not wring out the suit, instead lay iton a flat towel and roll it up patting the towel to wick out excess water then layit out to dry. Do not hang it up.

Allowing your thong bikini to sit on thefloor in a wet pile is certain death to the fibers, not to mention it is aperfect haven for unwanted bacteria that can form within hours if theconditions are right. 

Thong Bikini Care Do’s

  • Rinse your thong under fresh water after each usage.
  • Roll it in a towel to wick out excess water.
  • Hang to dry in the shade, not in the sun.
  • Do not use harsh detergents.
  • Hand wash only.
  • Always sit in a towel not sand, benches concrete etc.

Thong Bikini Care Don’ts  .

  • Don’t machine wash.
  • Don’t no use a dryer.
  • Don’t soak you suit overnight.
  • Don’t leave in a ball wet.
  • Avoid contact with chlorine if possible.
  • Don’t sit on rough surfaces.
  • Don’t hang you suit on a steel rail.
  • Don’t store your suit in a plastic bag.
  • Don’t wear your bikini if you have fake tanning lotion on.

 Questions and Answers

Can an iron be used on a wrinkled swimsuit?

No definitely not, even on its lowestsetting an iron may melt the fabric or leave tightened patches. Simply rinsethe swimsuit in cold water and follow the drying instructions above.

Why does my swimsuit smell musty after it has been dried?

This is telling you that your swimsuit isscreaming for a hand wash with mild soap. That musty smell is a sure sign thatbacteria has had a chance to develop on your swimsuit. The good news is thatnylon / lycra does not provide a great home for bacteria if it is laid out todry. Simply hand wash with mild hand soap, rinse and lay out to dry. Everythingwill be fine.

Do I need to wash my new thong bikini before I wear it?

We recommend a hand wash in cold water withmild hand soap- Follow the washing instructions above.

Is soaking a swimsuit in a vinegar and water mixture a real thing?

Yes if the swimsuit is cheap, typicallymanufactured overseas then there is a risk that the dye will leach. Soaking theswimsuit in a mixture of one teaspoon of white vinegar per quart of cold waterwill help lock the dye into the fiber. Most North American manufacturedproducts will not have this problem.

Why can’t I use my washing machine to wash my thong bikini?

As much as swimwear fabric has resilientqualities, a washing machine has a high risk of permanently stretching thefabric and causing unwanted wear and tear on the outside of the suit. No youcan’t turn your bikini inside out because 9 times out of 10 it will just flipback during the wash cycle.

Can corn starch be used to remove stains in a swimsuit?

Yes, if you have a new stain on your swimsuit,soak the area with water and cover with cornstarch and let sit for 30 to 45minutes. Cornstarch will attempt to pull the stain out of the fabric.

Final Thoughts – Enjoy your Vacation Get Away, Weekend at the Cottage, or Backyard Hot-Tub – Follow these simple bikini swimwear tips and your new swimsuit will look great for years.

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