How To Successfully Convince Your Wife or Girlfriend to Wear a Thong Bikini

Convincing your wife or girlfriend to wear a thong bikini for the first time can be a challenge. Using guilt or blackmail tactics will not work and will likely go against your cause plus potentially cause some bad feelings. You need to respect how she feels and understand her reluctance.

Women are a complex mix of emotion, confidence, and values. The first thing you need to understand before you convince your special partner to wear a thong bikini is to understand their personal values. If it is a situation where her values or religious beliefs conflict with wearing a thong bikini than our advice is to leave it alone. You are heading down a path that will get you nowhere except in a pile of trouble or worse.

Now with this said if it is a confidence or emotional situation than you have a good chance of success. The first thing you need to understand is that she needs to feel comfortable. The only way she is going to feel comfortable is if she feels at ease wearing a thong bikini and the level of exposure. For this to happen she needs to wear a thong bikini in a situation where she feels safe. The safe place is with YOU, so understand you need to get her in a place where it is only the two of you and you both are relaxed. Maybe a private evening around your backyard pool or hot tub or sitting in your backyard having drinks.

Another option is to role play and pretend you are on a Southern vacation in your living room, add some waves on the TV and sit back and have drinks and laugh, than bring out the thong and ask her to try it on for you. Try not to make this a romantic situation but more a relaxed fun situation. The worst thing you can do at this point is to have her associate the thong bikini with romance or a sexual encounter.

I want my wife to wear a thong bikini. My girlfriend won;t wear a thong bikini, I want her to try it.

While she is wearing the thong, give her compliments, not to many but subtle compliments to help her feel good about herself and let her ease into the situation. Another plus is to have her wear a thong bikini with a sheer cover-up or sarong, this will allow her some time to get use to the situation. An added bonus is that once she wears a thong bikini on a public beach, it won’t be long until she strips off the sarong for a cool dip in the pool or surf.

This by the way will not happen overnight. It will take several encounters for her to start to feel safe and confident. Do not rush her, let her feel her own way around the situation. Over time she will become at ease wearing the thong.

Your next challenge is to introduce her to a situation where she is in more of a public situation. Let her see the number of women wearing thongs and she by nature will associate herself with these other woman. Maybe a southern winter vacation where you have a week or more to relax.

It may take a couple of days for her to relax, as a matter of fact, you might have to pack her thong and sarong in your suitcase because she may not think to bring it.

All in all, if she is reluctant to wear a thong, it will take time and patience. DO NOT PUSH her. Make her feel good about herself, make her feel beautiful, make her feel special.

Can we guarantee you will convince your special friend, wife or girlfriend to wear a thong, absolutely not, but if you want a chance, follow these steps, and above all, understand that all women are different, some women will embrace the freedom and liberating feeling of the thong bikini quickly while others will take more time.

Finally there are a number of articles on this site about true stores of how women felt when they wore a thong bikini in public for the first time. You may want to share these articles with her, but first make sure you have already engaged in the steps above.

Good Luck

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