How To Take The Perfect Selfie In Your Bikini

Before we get to deep into the bikini selfie rules of engagement, keep in mind, this is an extensive list of opportunities. Take some time by yourself and try each one out individually and combining the tips. You will find the perfect combination for your body type, skin tone and desire finished product.

Tips and Tricks for the perfect bikini selfie

Not all bikini shots need a thong or g-string bikini to be sexy, with this said however I can tell you from personal experience that posing in a thong bikini adds a new dimension of fun to the whole process.

Ground Rules For The Perfect Bikini Selfie

The basics for the perfect selfie

  • Don’t make the duck face, there is nothing worse than a beautiful photo that is ruined by a routine facial expression. Stick to the basics with smiles or smirks.
  • Make sure your bikini is perfectly placed. The top needs to be smooth, straps straight “not twisted” but in the desired position. The bottom needs to be smooth and in place. Check the crotch to make sure it is centered, the hip straps should be exactly where you want them. Make sure the backside of the bikini is in position. If it is a thong bikini then make sure it is straight. If it’s a full coverage bikini, then make sure it is not digging in or riding up.

  • Smile like you mean it! Don’t force your smile, a natural smile is best. Now if you are looking for a more natural look, try smiling with your eyes. Eyes can make or break the perfect bikini photo.
  • Use makeup but not too much. Use just enough to add highlights to your face. In addition, if you want to accent your bust or deepen your cleavage add a slight amount of blush to your cleavage line. This will add depth. Cover-up is a great product to mask any imperfections you are sensitive about.
  • Natural expressions are always the best. For a natural look say “Yassss” just before the pic is taken. For a sultrier look, inhale as the picture is taken, this will slightly part your lips. Also, another great idea is to close your eyes and open just before the shot is taken for a healthy fresh look.
  • Posture is always critical. No matter what pose you choose, keep your back straight, shoulders back and no slouching please.
  • Everyone has a best side. Find yours and use it to your advantage. Those little things that are special about you will make all the difference.
  • All sitting poses are tough. No matter how tight your body is, your thighs will pucker at the side so be careful. If you must take a sitting shot, lean back a little. Slightly leaning back will tighten your torso. Try bending your knees slightly for a longer leggy look. This will also help hide your tummy if you are uncomfortable.
  • Try a pair of heels with your bikini for a longer leaner look.

Selfie Best Practices

Best practices when attempting a beach selfie in your bikini

  • Take practice shots, review them and correct any imperfections then try again. Remember professional photographers literally take thousands of pics to get that perfect look, you won’t get that pic on the first try.
  • Never stare directly into your phone or camera, instead look slightly away.
  • Backgrounds are critical for a great bikini selfie. Choose a really great background or a simple background. Normal everyday middle of the road backgrounds will take away from your photo.
  • Never take a selfie straight on. Instead, shoot slightly upwards to the center of the bikini or downwards to the center of the bikini. If you are shooting slightly upwards then tilt your head slightly downwards. This will cover your neck as there is no such thing as a beautiful pic of a neck and facial expression.

Selfie Phone Camera Functionality

Explore the functionality of your phone for selfies

  • Don’t try and hold your phone, your hand is not steady enough and you will lose the detail that you desire. Instead try setting your phone on a windowsill, desk, lounge chair patio table, phone stand or have someone take the photo for you.
  • When it comes to filters the Valencia [Instagram] filter is amazing. It will smooth things out and remove any imperfections.
  • Do not over edit your photos! Keep them as natural as possible, there is nothing worse than a selfie that has been obviously edited.
  • Use burst mode and take a pile of pics for each pose than delete the ones you don’t like.
  • Use your timer combined with burst mode. Set it to start taking pictures in 30 seconds.  This will give you plenty of time to prepare then pose away. Start by getting in your desired pose then end with some fun natural shots. You will be surprised how well this works.
  • Try using the HDR feature found on some phones. The HDR feature basically takes three photos. 1) An over exposed photo that is to bright. 2) An under exposed that is to dark. 3) A middle of the road pic. The HDR function will then combine the three pics automatically into one. The HDR photo will typically have more depth.

Outdoor Bikini Selfies

  • Outdoor lighting is by far the best. Try and take your selfies in the morning or later in the afternoon. This will reduce unwanted shadows. When the sun is at high noon it is virtually impossible to avoid shadows on your face and body.
  • Keep the sun in front of you. In other words, your phone or camera should be between you and the sun at all times. Never try to take a selfie with the sun behind you, it just doesn’t work.
  • Cloudy days are better for selfies than sunny days because there is less rays to deal with. Yes you need good light but a clear day at high noon is simply too much light.
  • Try playing with the contrast setting on your phone, you don’t need expensive filters.
  • Many people don’t know this but when you zoom in with your phone lens or any camera for that matter the picture is somewhat compromised. The more you zoom, the more the photo will deteriorate. Try moving your phone close instead of zooming in.
  • Outdoor selfies in a bikini should not be challenging, follow the rules above and you will rock that new bikini selfie photo session.

Indoor Bikini Selfies

The indoor selfie differs because of light considerations

  • Lighting is always a problem when taking photos indoors. Try and stand near a large unobstructed window and take advantage of the light. Natural light is by far the best for taking good photos and it is free.
  • When taking indoor bikini selfies, “don’t laugh”, stand on a large piece of white paper. This will help remove shadows, just remember to not include the paper in the photo. A piece of white paper 24” square is perfect.
  • Indoors or out, take advantage of your curves. Try shifting your weight to one hip then tilt your shoulder downwards slightly towards the extended hip. This will further give you a lean long appearance with gently feminine curves.
  • Try standing on your toes to lengthen your legs for a firm slimming leggy look.

Must Have Bikini Selfie Vacation Poses / Angles

Finding The Perfect Selfie Pose

The inverted sunbather is a true winner for your bikini selfie collection. This pose is taken when you are lying down maybe on a beach or ledge, but better done in a lounger. Your knees should be slightly raised and off to one side. This pose will accent not only your bikini but your legs to.

The Body Shot, is usually taken in front of a mirror because of the potential light / reflection potential. This style of shot will show off not only your bikini but your bikini body to.

Your best Side, this shot will include your bust and face. It is more of close-up so angle your body slightly away from your face then angle your best facial side into the camera.

The 45 degree angle shot is a killer, but don’t go back to the grainy look, keep the photo crisp and clean.

The booty shot. This is an essential shot especially if you are wearing any sort of cheeky bikini for example, thong bikini bottoms, g-strings or pleated / pucker bottoms.

Take Your Bikini Selfie To The Next Level

Take Your Bikini Selfie To The Next Level

Well now that you have tried all of these options and come up with the ones that suit you best, lets take you bikini selfie to the next level.

  • Try a thong or g-string bikini. These sexy little two piece swimsuits are so hot and fun for selfie photos. Remember tighten pop those glutes.
  • Fold your arms in font of you under your breasts to help raise your bust for a fuller look.
  • Pull the strings, pull on the center of your bikini top
  • Pull up on those hip strings
  • Maybe undue the ties but keep the bikini in place.
  • Try removing your top and put your forearm in front of your bust.
  • Pull the front of your bikini bottom down slightly

For a sizzling bikini shot have some fun, show some skin but not too much, don’t sell the farm, just keep it light and go with your heart.

Now that you have familiarized yourself with all of these tips, have some fun snap away. Get totally crazy! We guarantee you will have some really good totally natural selfies to add to your collection and yes show off if you choose.

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