How To Wear A thong Bikini.

How to Put On Your New Thong Bikini

So it’s your first thong bikini. All your friends are wearing them, your a little nervous, not really sure how the wear it, put it on, make it perfect. Well you not alone, every woman goes asks herself the same questions after she purchases her first thong bikini.

How to put on your first thong bikini. How to wear a thong bikini

Open to expose the interior of the thong with leg holes open and lay it on your floor . Make sure the crotch lining is facing forwards with the bum strap pointing towards you (as it would go on your body)

Step into the leg openings and pull your new thong bikini up.

Adjust the front panel “crotch region” until it is at a comfortable height and pull up the backside until the bum strap lays flat against your backside.

For a wide hip appearance wear the straps low, for a slenderising appearance wear the straps higher on the hips. The easiest way to make this decision is to either look at yourself in a mirror or ask a friend for their opinion.

When trying on a thong bikini for the first time, wear it for an hour or so then take it off, the next day, wear it for a couple of hours or more if you are comfortable.

The tricky part is to get used to the fact that part of the thong will be wedged slightly between your butt cheeks. It should not feel tight and cutting, but lay smoothly across your backside

After a couple of outings, you will become so comfortable with your thong bikini that no other style of bikini will do.

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