Incredibly Sexy Modest Thong Bikinis “Moderate Coverage Thong Bikinis”

Modest Thong Bikini Background

Sexy Elegant Modest Coverage Thong Bikinis

So the first question people ask is how can a thong bikini be modest? Well there are a number of ways to tame down a thong bikini. Let’s take a look at some of those options and then offer up some great examples.

First off the classic thong comes in many styles that include retro or high waist designs that offer more tummy coverage than a traditional thong. Also in this family is the banded thong that brings to the table a folding waist band. The waist band can be worn fully unfolded for more tummy coverage or folded down to the desired level and can in fact cover the top region of the buttocks.

Ruffled thong bikinis have more rear coverage at the top of the buttocks.

Unknown by many women, within the thong bikini family is the tonga bikini. The tonga is designed exactly like a thong except it offers 20% more rear coverage.


So without further ado, let’s take a look at some great examples of modest thong bikinis.

Modest High Waist Thong Bikini

First I would like to bring to your attention my personal favorite modest thong bikini. I regularly wear thongs but there are days when I feel a little bloated, or just not my usual happy self and I will slip on this high waist thong. It’s extremely comfortable; I love the high retro waist. This modest thong has an additional advantage; the high waist can be folded down for less tummy coverage and further to cover the top of the buttocks. I call this my freedom thong. This elegant retro styled bikini is a stylish elegant choice when looking for a thong bikini that offers a little extra coverage.   


Stylish Pink Tonga Bikini

When it comes to modest coverage in the thong bikini series, the tonga two piece swimsuit is a perfect solution. This beautiful pink tonga bikini is no exception. This V style tonga offers 30% more coverage than a tradition thong yet still brings to the table that desired cheeky appearance. This particular luxury cheeky bikini has non grabbing blind rubber edges which keep it perfectly in place even during strenuous games of beach volleyball. The high hip, deep V design will accentuate not only your legs but buttocks too.


Modest Floral Thong Bikini With Adjustable Folding Waistband

When it comes to the modest series of thong bikinis, the banded thong is another great option. Traditionally these thongs also offer a little more coverage than a traditional thong if desired yet look super sexy. In this case we have a floral version of a banded thong, the wide folding waistband can be left up for more tummy coverage or folded down to any height including covering the upper buttock region if desired.


Non Traditional Banded Modest Thong Bikini

This non traditional thong bikini is of a slightly different design. Typically the back of a classic thong bikini curves over the top of the buttocks leaving the cheeks fully exposed, in this case the thong cuts over the top of the buttock region offering more coverage. In addition it has a folding waistband for that extra tummy coverage.  


Non Traditional White Ruffled Thong Bikini

Similar to the black version above, this non traditional thong back bikini offers gentle ruffles everywhere for a truly romantic look. This style of thong is very popular for honeymoons and romantic weekend getaways.  Again the non-traditional modest thong back offers more coverage at the top of the buttock region plus has a folding  lace waistband for added coverage as desired.


Leopard Print Banded Thong Bikini

This banded leopard print thong bikini is another option from our modest thong styles. The animal print adds a wild side look to this adjustable thong. This fully lined two piece swimsuit has our folding waistband you can adjust to your desired height including covering the top of the buttocks.


Wild Leopard Print Banded Thong Bikini

This banded thong bikini also has a folding waistband. Wear the band high for more tummy coverage or fold down to the desired height including the ability to cover the top of the cheek region. The blue leopard print adds to the wild look of this modest thong bikini style.


Modest Cheeky Tonga / Thong Bikini

This European inspired tonga offers a little more coverage than a regular thong yet still has a nice cheeky look. This tonga sits higher on the hips for a long lean look for your legs and torso. If you are looking for a moderate coverage thong style bikini, this set if for you.


Banded Folding High Waist Modest Thong Bikini

This jeweled print banded thong bikini again comes from our modest series with classic thong backside but more tummy coverage if desired or the band can be folded down to cover the top of the buttocks.


Modest Wraparound Black and White Tonga / Thong Bikini

This classic black and white wraparound tonga with moderate thong bikini back coverage offers a nice simple, elegant look. This tonga fits well into the thong series with its high hip fit, cheeky backside coverage and non slip seams that will keep it in place all day long.


Print Cheeky Modest Tonga / Thong Bikini

This beautiful tonga thong bikini has a full front scoop with rouched side panels and a tonga back offering slightly more coverage than the traditonal thong but still has a sexy cheeky look.


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