Incredibly Sexy Retro Inspired Vintage Thong Bikini


Vintage Bikini from the 1940's

This beautiful thong bikini design is based on vintage swimsuit designs that can be commonly seen in photos as far back as the late 1930’s and early 1940’s. These high waist two piece swimsuits had low cut thighs and were made from rayon, jersey, and rayon-jersey blends with knit cotton linings. The fabric was clingy, did not breathe and took a long time to dry. Keeping a bikini on all day without changing into something dry would cause sore and ugly rashes where the swimsuit was in contact with the skin for extended periods of time.

This vintage thong bikini brings the best of the old swimsuit and the technical advantages of new fabrics and high cut thighs to the table.

Keeping with the era of the 1940s, this classic style has a stunning high waist line that just like the old days, but that is where it ends. The high waist line blends into the mid cut thighs and opens up to a full exposing thong backside.

This high fashion design is extremely classy and brings a whole new level of elegance to the thong bikini.

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