Lesbian Couple | Our Experience Wearing Thong Bikinis

This is the first picture that was taken when we decided to wear thong bikinis on the beach for the first time in public, because I lost a bet
Our First Few Minutes on the Beach in our new Thong Bikinis

Well where do we start? My name is Jessica and my partners name is Brittany, “Brit for short”  We live in Louisville Kentucky in a small house in the country that we are renovating over time.  We consider are an LGTB couple in other words, yes, we are lesbian. I came from an abusive relationship whereas my partner has known all her life that she was attracted to woman. We have been together for  just over seven years now and life is amazing. We are both American bbut we met in Spain in a beautiful Cafe called Café Negrito. They call it a café, but it had an amazing night life.

Our first photo showing off the thong bikinis for the first time
Here it is, Our Thong Bikini Debut

Anyway, how we came to wear a thong bikini for the first time was due to a bet then a dare combined between us. We were in France staying at the  Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée which is located directly on the  Promenade des Anglais beach. The beach is based out of small pebbles, great to walk on with sandals but not great for sandcastles or swimming.

It was so much fun wearing the thongs
It was an amazing day wearing these thong bikinis
It was fun posing for the pics too but it got annoying after a while

The bet is not important “because I lost” but Brit took the dare, so we both were locked into wearing a thong bikini on the beach the next day which neither of us had done before in public.

I felt powerful when I was wearing the thong, it gave me inner strength for some reason.,
I am not the skinniest girl on the beach but I felt empowered

So, the next morning, off we go to purchase our first thong bikini. Now lets be honest, we are tourists in France, finding a bikini shop that sells thong bikinis took all of 30 seconds because the resort had a really nice boutique that included a wild array of cheeky bikinis including a host of thong and tiny g-string bikinis. For our first outing, we chose a high waist thong bikini. We chose matching styles but different colours, I chose a hot pink colour and Brit chose the baby blue. We strolled back to our room with our little bags giggling like little schoolgirls because of the nervousness, we were feeling about the upcoming adventure, I think. Now keep in mind I would not consider these thongs an aggressive version, in France they are called a mid-range thong but yes still a thong.

It was so much fun wearing the thong on vacation on the beach
It was simple innocent fun wearing the thongs on the beach

We went back to our room, slipped on our new “bikinis” stared at each other for a moment, kissed and headed off to the beach. Now we agreed in advance that we would wear a cover-up until we got to the beach for our first outing so off, we went still giggling like teenage schoolgirls that by the way we are not.

We strolled onto the beach, we removed our cover-ups, not sure what we were expecting, but nothing changed. Now keep in mind, any time you have two girls holding hands or being affectionate to one another in public always draws some attention, even in France but the thong bikinis did not change a thing, to be honest we just blended in. We spent the day strolling around the beach, visited the cocktail bars that were on the beach side of the resort and a couple of the pool bars. We get more attention when we put on our little black dresses and go out clubbing / dancing than we did in our new bikinis.

We make a great pair, We love each other so much. I am so happy we wore these thong bikinis together for the first time and we shared the experience
It was the best vacation we have had to date. Very romantic and lots of fun. I am so glad I could share it with my soul mate and love of my life

Interestingly over dinner we did discuss the day and we both agreed that the thong bikinis caused a great deal of  personal emotion and excitement but it is more internal than outwards.

We both felt beautiful because we did in fact get second looks. We both agreed that there is something about exposing your buttocks that is truly liberating as a woman. I know that Brit could not take her eyes off me and found it exciting seeing me in a thong on the beach. I personally felt free and internally powerful which surprised me; however, Brit did not get that same feeling.

Loving each other in our thong bikinis
Love is a beautiful thing to share
I am not really a show off and don’t normally like my picture taken but this vacation was a lot of fun.

All in all it was a great day, we laughed, we had fun, we flirted with each other and after dinner and a couple of drinks we rushed back to the boutique before it closed and bought a couple more, similar styles but different colours.

I am not sure what we were expecting, the anxiety that we felt leading up to our first outing was somewhat overwhelming yet the world did not come to an end, it was not embarrassing nor did anyone say anything, we just had a whole lot of fun.

Oh We forgot to mention, every time we went down to the beach, the resort photographer would follow us and had us pose for pictures, he got really annoying by the end of the trip so we asked him to leave us alone for the last couple of days of our vacation, but we did purchase a memory stick of all the photos he took of us over the week. Someday when we are old and grey we will look back and laugh.

Here we are in yellow and purple thong bikinis respectively
Our second trip to the thong boutique was a little expensive.

We did not travel this past year because of the Covid however we have friends that have a boat docked at Juniper Beach so we spent a great deal of our summer cruising on the Ohio River and yes for the most part in our new swimwear attire and no we were not out of place, so many woman wear cheeky bikinis now that they are just common place.

Do we have any final recommendations or do we think you should try wearing a thong bikini. This is what we think….Do what ever is going to make you happy…Be good to people and each other…Share your love…Ignore people that don’t agree with your way of life if it makes you happy and you are not hurting anyone else. Thats what we think.

As for the thong bikini, it was a lot of fun, we still wear them regularly but do what seems right for YOU!

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