A perfect example of a beautiful one piece thong swimsuit. This woman is lying on the sand in total bliss, watching the ocean tides.

In the wonderful world of fun in the sunand sand between your toes, the one piece thong swimsuit offers a whole newalternative for the sensuous woman. These breathtaking suits are pictureperfect for the woman looking to show off her style but is not quitecomfortable with her tummy. Full torso coverage with full buttock exposure fora totally alluring look that is second to none while showing off all your bestqualities. You will look super-hot and totally buff.  These steamy swimsuits come in a variety ofstyles including scoop, deep V or support upper regions and high thigh, lowerdesigns.

Beautiful woman wearing a white one piece thong swimsuit with scoop bust line and back. The ocean is a deep blue. She is thinking about taking a refreshing dip in the cool water.

From solid colors and prints to partial seethrough and totally sheer options you can rest assured you will make a fashionstatement no matter what your personal comfort / exposure tolerance level. Weeven have sheer options with only crotch lining for a totally explosive lookfor the modern-day woman.

Five great examples of one piece thong swimsuits. These exotic one pieces offer rear exposing thong styling in a wide range of colors. Each girl seems to have her own preference of how she wants to look.

If you are looking for a shockingly stimulating swimsuit, the one piece thong is just right for you.