One Wore A Thong Bikini | Three Did Not, They Regretted It

How to start my story; my name is Giselle, I am 34 years old turning 35 this coming April. I live in the Lone Star state, Texas and am happily married with one daughter who is 6 and my adoring husband Grant.

My story starts with my three best friends, Kim, Shanice “Shanny for short” and Morgan  who I met when I was in University which seems to be decades ago. The four of us have been inseparable since and we talk almost daily and know everything there is about each other. We share our fears, good times and bad. I feel fortunate to have friends like this.

Since we met, we have tried to get away for a week every year, life has gotten in the way some years so sometimes we all can’t attend but for the most part we have achieved our goal.

With COVID complicating our life, we did not get away this year but we did manage to get away in Nov. 2019 which is when this story takes place.

We took a little seven day adventure to Anguilla Island which is in the eastern Caribbean Sea. It’s a beautiful place with clear waters, lots of remote areas and beautiful beaches.

The four of us really embraced this vacation; it was one of those vacations that will stay in our hearts forever. We had so much fun and so many stories to tell when we got home, including me doing something I had always wanted to do. I wanted to wear a thong bikini. I was the only one who took the plunge and I look back and am glad I did.

So imagine the four of us going to a little shop to find me a thong. We laughed, giggled, all of us tried one on, but I was the only one to actually purchase one. The shopping trip itself was a hoot.

I wish I had a video of my thong debut, I wore it under a long sarong and did my big unveiling for the girls on the beach. They chanted, laughed, spanked my butt and nicknamed me cheeks for the rest of the trip and that nickname still stands today.

So part of this exercise is to explain how it felt. I am not in any way shy to be the centre of attention, so my three partners in crime were a huge inspiration to me and probably over encouraging. I wore those two thongs everywhere I could. I felt beautiful; I for sure stood out in the crowd amongst my friends. I can’t say that I got more attention from the opposite sex because of the thong itself, but I felt personally more out there and free. It’s a great feeling for a woman to feel special and I did in fact feel special.

Now fast forward to today, I do wear a thong around our pool and when I am with my husband without my daughter or on weekends away.

If we ever get a chance to travel South with my husband or friends again I will definitely wear a thong on the beach. After our trip, two of my three friends now own thong bikinis and wear them with their partners and we are planning a girls pool weekend this summer where I think three of us will be sporting thong bikinis, possibly a fourth, were still working on Shanice. Kim and Morgan actually admitted that they regretted not taking part in the thong shenanigans on our vacation.

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