Patriotic String Thong Bikini

Patriotic thong bikini. Inspired by the USA flag pattern to create a truly amazing swimsuit. Left bikini top triangle is blue fabric with white stars. The thong bottom is detailed in red and white stripes
Sexy Patriotic Thong Bikini

It’s here, the prefect patriotic swimsuit. This hot littlenumber is fully decked out on our US flag inspired fabric. The top has ourclassic US blue fabric background with white stars on one triangle matched withour red and white striped fabric on the other with adjustable sliding trianglesfor a perfect fit and full lining.

The tonga / thong bikini bottom offers ever so slightly morecoverage than a classic thong with horizontal red and white striped fabric andside string ties and full lining.

This mesmerizing combination of USA flag inspired red, whiteand blue fabric and thong styling is a true masterpiece. It brings to the tablea whole lot of sexy in a patriotic way. It’s well known a patriotic bikinialways gets a pile of attention, take it up a notch and add a classic cut thongbikini look and you have a package that is sure to set things ablaze.

Back view of our patriotic thong bikini in red white and blue fabric
Sexy brunette model wearing a patriotic thong bikini swimsuit on the beach
Beautiful thong swimsuit with stars and stripes. Blue fabric with white starts. red and white stripes
Side view of a sexy USA flag thong bikini swimsuit
Sexy patriotic string tonga / thong bikini swimsuit
USA inspired sexy two piece patriotic thong bikini

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