Red G-String Bikini

Here it is, so simple, yet so sexy, this classic red G-string bikini is going to move with your body, hug your curves in all the right places and show off all your best resources . This minimal coverage two piece is designed with the curvy woman in mind. It will stay in place, looking amazing all day long.

Red g-string bikini
Back view of a rear exposing g-string bikini swimsuit

This tiny string swimsuit offers a fixed triangle top design with ties  at the neck and back. This top is designed to give the wearer a little bit more control over her bust region. The fixed triangles are designed to lift and gently push the cleavage line inwards for a fuller deeper appearance plus shape things for absolute perfection.

another view of this sexy red g-string bikini swimsuit.
front view of this sexy red g-string bikini worn by our favorite bikini model

The matching G-string bikini bottom is as sexy yet simple as it gets with a double seamed triangular front with hip / back strings. This minimal coverage swimsuit is not for the faint of heart, it commands a  lot of attention and opens new conversations everywhere it goes.

We can assure you everywhere you go, men will want one for their wives or girlfriends, every woman is going to want to know where you got this sizzling little bikini

full body blond model with sexy curves wearing a red g-sting bikini
push up red bikini top with red g-sting bikini bottom

This combined G-string bikini in our brilliant matte red fabric is simply a masterpiece for sure. This is the one swimsuit that is going to add a whole new level of fun in the sun to your next vacation.

Do You Dare to be Bare!

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