Whats All The Hype About Thong Bikinis with a High Waist

Kim Kardashian shows off her tremendous curves in a high waist thong bikini

Oh the fabulous look that a high rise or high waisted thong bikini brings to the table is second to none. The thong bikini takes on a whole new level of classy elegance when a retro inspired waist band is incorporated into a thong swimsuit design or style.

That would likely be why the thong bikini with a high waistline has become so popular in the Hollywood circle.

With the likes of Kim Kardashian and too many others to mention, turning to these stylish cousins of the classic thong, this popular chick look with its high thigh, high waist band with full tummy coverage and cheeky thong back is taking over beaches across the globe.

Worn by many as a two piece simple swimsuit while others dress it up with jewellery, makeup and graceful cover-ups, this stunning bikini has become the cornerstone of their bikini collection.

So many women want to wear a cheeky bikini yet want tummy coverage at the same time and these incredibly sexy bikinis hit the mark. Of course there are those days when you are just feeling bloated but still want to head to the beach and have some fun, these stunning will have you looking your very best and feel covered at the same time.

Classic High Waist Retro Style Thong Bikini


By far our best seller, this high waist thong two piece bikini set is at the leading edged for women in their late twenties into their forties and fifties in some cases.  This high rise thong can look over the top sexy or high end elegant depending on how you dress it up and accessorize.

If you have curves, this high rise thong bikini is going to love your body as much as you love this swimsuit.

This particular thong features our extended retro inspired high waist line with full tummy coverage and thong backside for an amazing cheeky look.

Floral High Rise Banded Thong Bikini


Another perfect example of a thong with a high waist band but in a brilliant floral print. This beautiful high rise thong offers a full height waist band but can be folded down to look like a traditional thong bikini so you get the best of both worlds with high folding waist band and full thong backside exposure.

Leopard Print Adjustable Waist Thong Bikini


Here we have a mid-range high waisted thong bikini. This bikini example does not offer full tummy coverage yet covers most of the lower abandon. The natural wild leopard print waist band is a perfect accent for the black body of the suit. This mid-range high rise thong has the classic adjustable waistline and full rear thong backside.

Turquoise Leopard Print High Rise Waist Thong Bikini


More of a flashy look with its turquoise leopard print waist band and black body, this mid- range high rise thong is a winner on all fronts. It’s brilliant, fun and fashionable featuring folding adjustable high rise waist line and full rear exposing thong back.

Mid Tummy Coverage High Waist Thong Bikini


A star is born in this metal jeweled waist band and copper body; this high rise thong is going to gleam in the sun. For the woman with curves, you’re going to love your life in this sensationally sexy high rise thong bikini.

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