Now here is a bikini that is going to add some POW to your bikini collection. This specialty fabric is only sheer when wet. To be more specific, it is only ever so slightly sheer when dry but add water and look out. This sensationally sexy bikini is simply amazing, it’s a splendid example of a genuinely daring swimsuit that is sensuously seductive my nature.

Light pink sher when wet string bikini fuchsia
Light Pink Sheer When Wet Bikini
Sheer when wet string bikini.
Sexy, Sheer When Wet Bikini

The triangle top offers fully adjustable sliding triangles with neck and back ties. There is no lining in this top, the fabric again is only ever so slightly sheer when dry but becomes provocatively sheer and see through when wet.

The matching  bikini bottom offers a sexy front scoop that sits low on the waist with hip ties. This itsy bitsy bottom has a triangle front and full rear coverage. Finally this risqué bottom has a crotch lining only.

Yellow see through when wet sheer string bikini
Yellow Sheer When Wet Bikini
Sheer when wet wee through yellow bikini
Yellow See Thru String Bikini

This teeny tiny flirtatious bikini is going to turn some heads, drop some jaws and light up your life. This sizzling sheer speciality fabric combined with the itsy bitsy design makes for a steamy combination.

Sheer When Wet Bikini. See Through - A sensationally seductive sheer when wet string bikini. Totally See Thru when wet.
Sheer When Wet Yellow String Bikini

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