Sensational Bikini Tops for Breathtaking Larger Breast Sizes

What kind of bikini tops look good on larger breast / bust sizes?


Bikini Tops for larger Bust Sizes

For-the woman that has larger breasts, explore your best bikini top options. Don't let your large bust size get you down

Women for the most part women seem to always want a larger bust, but for those that have larger cup sizes, they struggle to find bikini tops that look great. The purpose of this article is to shed some light on not only bikini top considerations for the woman with larger breasts but offer some no nonsense bikini top styles that look absolutely amazing on a full bust line.

We will offer solutions to some of the main concerns that women have when attempting to find the perfect bikini top that will not only offer support and comfort but shape the bust line and give it that full beautiful appearance that it so deserves.

For the woman blessed with a larger bosom, finding a bikini top ca be a challenge.

This article is structured  applying a top to bottom approach “no pun intended” meaning that we will start with styles that offer little support than work our way though all of the options ending with full coverage maximum support options.

We then finish with the last section that covers options for the woman with a full bust that wants to really heat things up for that special occasion or partner and make no mistake, there are plenty of options for your bust that will show it off in true fashion including some really great sheer options that incorperate underwire support.

Sit back and read this article carefully and discover which bikini top is best suited for not only your bust size but body type too.

Bikini Top Considerations for the Full Busted Woman

There are so many considerations to be taken into account when looking for that new bikini top: below are just a few of those considerations

  • Do you want full coverage? Yes/No
  • How much support is enough?
  • Do you want a little side boob? Yes this is a style, Yes/No
  • Do you want to show under boob? yes this is a style, Yes/No
  • Do you want to show your cleavage line? Yes /No
  • Are you active? Requires additional support.

US Bikini Top Conversion Sizing Chart

“Bra Size to Bikini Top Size”

Before you read further, if you wish, you can easily find your bikini top size using the simple US conversion chart below.

Simply take your bras size, cup size first, than your bust measurement and look at the chart below. Find your bikini top size in the first row

Bikini Top Sizing ChartXS/PSMLLL1X2X3X
US Bikini Top Sizing Conversion Chart

How To Measure Your Bust Size

Your bust measurement is taken by measuring the girth of your torso exactly where your bra strap would go across your boobs, its that simple.

How to measure your Bust Size for Larger Breasted Women. Large Bust measuring instructions.

String Bikini Tops For Larger Boobs

String bikinis for the large breasted woman. If you have a firm bosom, consider a string bikini.

The string bikini does have its place for women with a larger bust. The one attribute that is required is firm boobs. To look good, your bust must still hold its elasticity, be able to somewhat support itself. The reason for this is that the weight of your breasts will not only push down on the triangular cups but will also add strain to the shoulder and back strings and quickly become seriously uncomfortable. This style is typically kept for the younger generation who have their youth on their side. Also side boob and under boob is always an option here that other styles will not offer. You have two great options that offer a different appearance.

First there is the sliding triangle or fully adjustable triangle top. This top allows a woman to choose how much of her bust she wants to show. Slide the triangles closer together showing more side boob or side breast line and more cleavage or leave them apart for more coverage.

The second option is the fixed or scoop string bikini top. This style of top offers a little more support than the sliding bikini top and tends to pull the cleavage inwards offering a deeper cleavage and fuller look to the bust line.

Fully adjustable sliding triangle bikini top for larger breast sizes
Sliding Adjustable String Bikini Top
Fixed non-sliding triangle bikini top
Fixed Triangle Bikini Top

Banded Halter Bikini Tops Offer Support and Look Great on Larger Busts

Try a halter bikini top if you have a large bust

The banded halter bikini top adds a whole new level of comfort and support for women with a larger bosom region without sacrificing great looks. First and foremost the wide band that encompasses the girth of a woman’s rib cage just under the bust offers plenty of support even for larger breasts, the wider the band the more support it offers. Secondly the wide shoulder straps that typically tie behind the neck distribute the weight of the bust region over a wider area for more comfort and additional lift. The torso or strap must be snug but not uncomfortable, the neck strap is what decides the amount of lift and appearance.

The cups or pockets that embrace the breasts themselves are designed to support the bust and keep it in place. These attributes offer incredible support but more importantly shape the breasts providing a full round appearance with a deep cleavage line.

Even for the extremely active woman, the halter bikini top will allow you to take part in your favourite summer activities without concern keeping everything intact plus look simply sensational at the same time.

Banded halter bikini tops for women with larger bust sizes
Supportive Halter Bikini Top
Navy blue halter bikini top for larger bosom sizes
Banded Halter Bikini Top

Underwire Bikini Tops Will Shape and Lift Larger Breasts

For the woman struggling to find the right bikini top for her larger bust, maybe the answer is simply an underwire bikini top. By wearing an underwire bikini top, you will get all the lift and support you want, plus there are many options to choose from and it will feel normal because you likely wear underwire bras on a daily basis.

Underwire Bikinis for larger breasts. The underwired support bikini top is probably the best choice for a larger bust

Before we get into more detail, we want to dispose of a myth. The underwire in an underwire bikini top is actually plastic not wire. It’s a molded piece of plastic that is sewn directly into the lower seam of the top itself. If the support was wire for example in a bra, the wire would eventually tarnish ruining the surrounding fabric.

When choosing an underwire bikini top, first take a look at your bra and check out the width of the straps that work for your bust size. The larger the bust the wider the straps for comfort. There is nothing worse than wearing an underwire bikini top that cuts into your shoulders and back. It’s uncomfortable and ruins the look of the bikini top itself. Also keep in mind, if you plan on swimming, the water will further aggravate the situation.

Another thing, make sure that your bikini top has clasps and not a tie at the back. A tie at the neck is fine, but there must be a clasp in addition at the back. Many cheaper underwire bikini tops are guilty of this and it is a recipe for bikini top failure. In some cases however both a clasp and tie is incorporated for additional support and security depending on the style.

Classic Underwire Bikini Top

The classic underwire bikini top is the most popular underwire top going. It can handle larger bust sizes with mid range coverage. The back strap is typically an inch wide or wider and the shoulder straps again are of decent width. This style of bikini top will shape things out, offer an amazing view of your bust line and is extremely comfortable.

Full Coverage Underwire Bikini Top

The full coverage underwire bikini top is for extremely large breast sizes. The cups are well supported and the material over the breasts is typically thicker. The cups are incorporated directly into the torso strap, so the top itself offers support even before the shoulder straps are in place. This design offers full coverage, oodles of support and allows for thinner shoulder straps.

Balconette Underwire Bikini Top

The balconette underwire bikini top is a different animal all together. it is designed to push the breasts up as much as possible, putting them out there in plain view. Again the cups are directly incorporated into the torso strap and the shoulder straps are wider to allow for the bra to function properly which again is to push the breasts up as much as possible. Finally the cups are however not full, meaning that they typically only cover half or less of the breast itself. This style makes for an incredibly amazing appearance, but don’t go playing any volleyball games or bend over to far for that matter as there is a risk that your breasts will pop out of the cups.

Mid Coverage Underwire Bikini Tops

The mid coverage underwire bikini top is a cross between a classic underwire top and the balconette design. It is basically a balconette style but adds a little more coverage over the mid section of the breasts similar to the classic design which helps keep them in place and reduces the risk of accidental exposure.

Shaping underwired support bikini tops show off your bust, shape your bust and support everything for larger breasts
Classic Underwire Support Bikini Top
Full coverage, full support underwired bikini tops for a larger chest offers plenty of support
Full Coverage Underwire Bikini Top
Balconette Cleavage exposing underwire bikini top
Balconette Underwire Bikini Top
Classic Underwire bikini top
Mid coverage underwire bikini top

Sport Bikini Tops Supporting Your Larger Bust

Sport bikini tops offer support for a larger bust size

The sport bikini top is great choice. It is just like your sports bra and we all know sports bras look great plus keep things tucked in and in place. Further unwanted movement or jiggle is greatly reduced.

The sport bikini top applies different techniques to keep larger breasts at bay. The fabric is crafted from a strong blend of nylon which offers the required strength and durability but also incorporates a much higher percentage of lyrica, which again is a very durable fabric, but more importantly gives the top its elasticity that holds everything exactly where you want it.

The sport bikini top offers a great deal of control, reduces shoulder and back strain for larger breasted woman and gives a really nice shape to the bosom. Typically a sport bikini top is considered a full coverage top however there are some styles that have a front V shape leaving the cleavage line visible, but keep in mind, the less fabric, the less support.

Below can be seen two styles of sport bikini tops. the off the shoulder version works somewhat for larger breasts because the back of the top is full and is part of the support mechanism. If you are truly concerned about support and control, we recommend that you stick to the classic sport bikini top as it will keep everything exactly where it needs to be comfortably and looks simply irresistible.

The off the shoulder sport bikini top is a good option for medium to large  breast sizes
Off The Shoulder Sport Bikini Top
The classic sport bikini brings plenty of support for the larger woman
Classic Sport Bikini Top

Twist Bikini Tops Another Option For Larger Boobs

Twist double support bikini tops

The twist top or Monroe style bikini top is another option for medium to large breasts. It provides a classic look for the bust line and offers medium to high support with mid range coverage.

The top itself gets its support mechanism from its twisted cup styling. The fabric runs horizontally across the bust line and twists over top not only doubling up the thickness of the cup but the twisting action itself creates an extremely strong and supportive cup. Further, the twisted cups are part of the torso strap again, providing exceptional stability to the bust region. The wide shoulder straps tie behind the neck for the final upward lift that is required for this top to look good.

This is one of those classic tops that never goes out of style. Other than design improvements, this bikini top has successfully been in the mainstream for women with larger bust regions since the mid seventies. It provides an exceptionally sculpted appearance to the breasts, focuses on a deep cleavage line but yet supports larger / heavier breasts with ease. This is not a top to be overlooked for all age groups, from teens to seniors.

A great option for a larger bust size. The twist top bikini offers wide supportive straps and the twisted fabric adds extra supports
Classic Twist Top Bikini
Another example of s twist top bikini that will offer plenty of support for a larger upper torso and bust

Tankinis For Medium to Large Breasts

Never underestimate the support and appearance of the tankini bikini top for larger breasts

Interestingly the tankini bikini top is overlooked by many women who assume it is not actually a bikini top but more a top to go with jeans or shorts. The tankini top offers many advantages to the well endowed woman that are in many cases overlooked. Great options like hidden control linings, built in shelf bras and in many cases fabric that is the same as a sports bikini top for exceptional support and control plus they look amazing.

These amazing bikini tops and yes they are in fact a bikini top are also exceptionally functional for the active woman. Playing your favourite beach sport will not be an issue if you are wearing one of these sensational tops. An added bonus is if you are thicker throughout your body or a plus size, adding a high thigh matching bikini bottom looks gorgeous.

There are also tankini tops that have the twist top or Monroe bust region built into them providing exceptional breast support. In addition, there are tankinis that offer a beautiful pleated outer shell with a hidden control lining and shelf bra. These styles also look amazing on larger busts and thicker torso’s.

Cross over support tankini for larger bust sizes.
Cross Over Tankini Bikini Top
Control lined tankini for larger busts and torsos
Tankini Top with Control Lining
Beautiful pleated tankini bikini top that has a control lining with a built in shelf bra for larger breasts.
Tankini with Control Lining
The twist top Monroe tankini is extremely functional to support bigger or large boobs.
Monroe Twist Top Support Tankini

Elegant Drape Bikini Tops Offer Full Coverage and Support For Your Bust

Drape bikini top offers elegance, full support for larger busts

Ah, the drape bikini top, for the woman looking for support, coverage and elegance all at once. This high fashion bikini top to be honest is a little pricey simply because of the fabrics that are used and the work that is required to manufacture these elegant tops, but for the woman looking for a swimwear top that offers full coverage, support and true sophisticated style, this is the top for you.

The outer portion of this top is typically either a classy pleated fabric or a beautiful lace, but it is under the outer fabric that really matters. This top features a full lining with a wide banded shelf bra. The torso strap incorporates a clasp and back tie for full security and neck tie for support. The final feature is that the intricate designing of the top allows it to have a full exposing back.

This top is perfect for that sophisticated pool party with friends and family. The fabric is cool and airy. Its got a high fashion chic appearance that is as much at home at the beach or pool side to strolling down the boardwalk in a pair of shorts or jeans.

Drape bikini top perfect for the woman looking for full coverage and plenty of support in the bust region
Another example of a drape bikini top for larger busts requiring extra support

Heating Things Up For Women with Larger Boobs ONLY!

If you have found the information you were looking for so far, than there is no need to read on. However if you are looking to really heat things up, add some excitement to your swimwear wardrobe, maybe want to wear something really special for that romantic night in your hot tub or quiet night around the pool, than read on. There are some great options that will drop some jaws, cause a heart to skip a heartbeat and make for a memorable evening for all.

We will explore a few of the great options that are available to you that will offer support and shape your boobs yet won’t leave a lot to the imagination.

Sheer When Wet Support Bikini Tops for Larger Breasts

The sheer when wet options are truly marvellous. This style of top is only ever so slightly sheer when dry, but add water and look out. Imagine sitting on the edge of the hot tub sipping a glass of wine, your top is dry, you slowly dip yourself into the tub and again raise yourself out of the warming waters and watch the expression on your partners face, trust us when we say WOW.

These sensuous tops are available in string bikini tops, banded halter tops and tankinis. All of which are considered support tops for larger busts.

Sheer see thru when wet banded halter top for large breasts. Shaping Boobs
Sheer When Wet Banded Halter Top
Sheer when wet nude coloured string bikini for big boobs
Nude Coloured String Bikini Top
Sheer when wet tankini with halter support styling for large breast sizes
Sheer When Wet Tankini

Sheer See Thru Underwire Support Bikini Tops For Big Boobs

Well here you have it, if you dare and not for the faint of heart, we have the underwire support sheer see through bikini tops that leave nothing to the imagination. If these hot little numbers don’t heat things up then nothing will.

Your full bosom will be shaped to absolute perfection, held in place, uplifted and look oh so youthful in one of these daring tops. No need for water here, just walk out on the patio and the mercury is going to rise.

Underwire See Thru Bikini Top
Sheer Transparent Underwire Bikini Top
Sheer Underwire Mesh Bikini Top
Sheer completely see through string bikini top for larger breasts
See Thru String Bikini Top
Sheer see through totally transparent string bikini top of the largest boobs
See Through Strapped Bikini Top

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