A sheer when wet bikini that is truly a masterpiece. Totally see through when wet

This sensationally sexy see through when wet bikini brings a whole new dimension to the halter bikini. When dry it is ever so slightly sheer and see through. When the light hits this fabric just right you will get an ever so slight transparent silhouette. Add a little water and watch out, this otherwise tame bikini becomes a sensuous sheer masterpiece of seductive power. The white fabric will cling to your skin, displaying your most prized possessions, hugging your beautiful curves and exhibiting your hidden feminine exquisiteness.

For every woman, independent beauty, standing out in the crowd is the name of the game. This hot little two piece swimsuit brings all of this to the table without a doubt and more.

You can look for the most part conservative all day long only displaying a slight bit of translucency when the sun hits it just right, yet add a little water and things will get hot.

The banded halter top offers plenty of support making this top perfect for all bust sizes big or small. Ever so slightly transparent when dry, this unlined unique top will become totally sheer and see through when wet. Your bust will be supported by the wide straps that tie at the neck and back.

The matching sheer see through when wet bottom offers only crotch lining with a sexy scoop front.

Make no mistake; you’re going to set things ablaze in this sizzling, sexy two piece sheer when wet bikini set.

Feel free to mix and match or get the set, it’s up to you, all we can tell you is that there is no turning back after going for a swim in this hot little number. No woman’s swimwear wardrobe is complete without something totally forbidden, and this sheer when set bikini is the perfect solution.

See thru sheer ikini, see through when wet two piece bikini swimsuit
Full coverage bikini with sheer see through when wet bikini top
Full Coverage bikini with sheer supportive sheer when wet banded halter top
Sexy sheer when wet halter style bikini with low rise retro bikini bottom

Sheer see through when wet bikini with sheer banded bikini top

See Thru   See Through  See Thru When Wet  Sheer When Wet Transparent

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