Sheer Slightly See Through Tonga / Thong Bikini

This seductive slightly see through tonga string bikini is atrue marvel in its own right. Manufactured from our slightly sheer red whiteand blue patriotic flag fabric teamed with our tonga / thong bottom creates theperfect storm.

The tonga bottom offers slightly more coverage than ourthong bikinis yet provides a beautiful sleek cheeky appearance. The sheerslightly see through patriotic fabric adds that extra touch of alluring powerto this irresistible two piece swimsuit. The sheer top is fully adjustable withsliding triangle pockets and ties at the back.

Nice looking model with sexy figure wearing a thong bikini with US flag inspired fabric that is slightly see thru.

Both top and bottom have no lining which gives this thong / tonga bikini that extra alluring effect.

Rear view of a patriotic thong bikini worn by our beautiful blond bikini model on the beach. Sheer see thru fabric in red white and blue stars fabric. Inspired by the US flag.
Beautiful blond model wearing a patriotic red white and blue US flag thong bikini with sheer see through fabric.
Patriotic thong bikini worn by a sexy bikini model. This fabric is red white and blue star-spangled banner design.
Sexy blond woman wearing a thong bikini. Patriotic sheer see thru fabric.
Nice looking shapely blond model with sexy curvy body in a red white and blue thong string bikini.
Beach model, star spangled banner flag thong bikini
Nice view of the backside rear cheeky thong bikini created out of star-spangled banner, red, white and blue US flag fabric that is slightly sheer and see through

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