This amazing little string bikini feels so good against the skin. The cottony airy fabric will keep you cool and comfortable no matter what activity you take part in. Add some water and it becomes a clingy sexy masterpiece much like a t-shirt when wet, it will cling to your skin, show off those amazing curves and becomes slightly see through. You will enjoy the natural feel of this fabric against the skin, offering a bohemian feel, designed for the free spirited woman.

Gauze string bikini. Clingy and see through when wet.
Sexy Gauze String Bikini
Sexy gauze / cotton string bikini. Clings to the skin when wet. Very sexy, slightly see thru when it is wet and feels amazing.
This Bikini is Slightly See Thru When Wet

The gauze string bikini top has full adjustable sliding triangles with a tie at the back and neck and created from our patent cotton / gauze non stretch fabric for a perfect fit.

Cotton string bikini. Airy gauze fabric. Slightly see through when wet. String bikini top, string bikini bottom, no lining.
The Cotton Gauze Blended Fabric with Cling to Your Skin When Wet
A perfect example of a cotton bikini. This bikini becomes clingy when wet much like a wet t-shirt. Slightly see through
This Blended Gauze Cotton Fabric Feels Amazing Against the Skin

The gauze string bikini bottom has a scoop front that sits low on the waist and ties on the hips. The style offers full rear coverage and again is crafted from out 100% gauze cotton patent fabric.

Sensuous cotton string bikini. Clings to the skin when wet. Slightly see thru
The Cotton Fabric Makes for an Extremely Feminine Bikini
Side view of this sensational string bikini crafted from gauze and cotton fabric for a clingy slightly see through when wet two piece swimsuit.
This is a Very Sexy Bikini with a Hint of Bohemian Styling

You will look and feel free and sexy in this hot little bikini with a subtle bohemian touch. The gauze cotton fabric will caress your skin. This bikini is at home anywhere from the beach or cottage to a day on the water enjoying the sun and scenery.

gauze cotton string bikini. Clingy when wet. Clings to your skin, is slightly sheer see through when wet.
Gauze / Cotton Slightly Sheer When Wet String Bikini

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