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Understand where you can where a thong bikini. Geographical locations. Resort and Cruise Ship etiquette.

To be honest, the thong and g-string bikini is as much a part of the beach scene as a towel or sunglasses with a few exceptions. The negative attitude towards the thong is now for the most part behind us. Similar to the bikini entering the beach scene in theRead More →

Bikini Top Terms Bandeau Tops A strapless bikini top. This style is best suited for cup sizes A-C. The bandeau top typically comes with a detachable neck strap. Most have removable foam-shaping pads. Back adjusts with spaghetti loop. Tankini (also known as a Bandini) A strapless top with belly coverage.Read More →

How to take care of your swimwear,

Before we look at how to take care of your new thong bikini, let’s look at swimwear fabric and understand the basics. Swimwear Fabric. Quality swimwear is typically manufactured from a blend of nylon and lycra. Lycra is a polyurethane-based synthetic fiber that is a registered brand name that’s alsoRead More →

Take the perfect selfie in your bikini

Before we get to deep into the bikini selfie rules of engagement, keep in mind, this is an extensive list of opportunities. Take some time by yourself and try each one out individually and combining the tips. You will find the perfect combination for your body type, skin tone andRead More →

Thong Bikini Trivia

Definition of the Thong Bikini A two-piece swimsuit that consists typically of a triangular patch of fabric covering the female genitals with a narrow strip of fabric that travels between the legs and attaches at the back to a waistband or string. Its inherent design and purpose is to exposeRead More →