The Cottage Life Thong Bikini Invasion

At the cottage in a cedar hot tub wearing a thong bikini

What happened, thong bikinis everywhere, on docks, boats, decks, lying on floating rafts, running from the lake shore to the cottage for food and more refreshments, they are everywhere. Still the same old sayings for example “Don’t slam the screen door” “Wash your feet before you come in the cottage” “don’t you dare swim alone” and of course if you spent any time at all at a cottage, you have skinny dipped after dark and many of us before it got dark lol.

cottage country skinny dipping thong bikinis

The difference from 30 to 40 years ago in the cottage life scene is that years ago, kids swam all day, the lake was the entertainer, now a days, kids are typically more physically fit, they are water-skiing, wakeboarding, wake surfing and yes even barefoot water-skiing. Check out any of those ski boats or wakeboard boats, they are full of teen boys / men are wearing board shorts and cheeky bikini clad teen girls / women.

cottage life thong bikinis on the dock showing off their cheeky bikinis in cottage country

I recently had a conversation with my aunt Sara who now lives permanently in Canada, She retired 30 years ago and moved to her Cottage, she is now 81 years old. I asked her if there were many thong bikinis at her lake, she laughed and said everywhere. I then worked up enough nerve to ask her what she thought and again, she laughed.

Cottage babe on a jet ski seadoo wearing a thong bikini at the cottage

She proceeded to tell me that back in the early seventies that all of a sudden girls were wearing string bikinis and everyone’s arms were up in the air, freaking out. She told me that all of the middle aged to older generations were not at all fans, she also told me the conversations were quite amusing to say the least.

girls wearing thong bikinis at the cottage strolling down the shoreline

Apparently she did not seem to agree. Now in honesty my aunt Sara was my favorite because she was fun and very forward thinking, as a younger generation we as teenagers felt comfortable talking to her.

Thong bikinis everywhere in cottage life country

Now at 81 years old she told me that she personally felt there was no difference now with the emergence of the thong bikini in cottage country to when the string bikini showed up except there are lot more moons around the lake now so to speak.

Girls having fun wearing thong bikinis at the cottage on the shoreline beach

No matter how you look at it, the thong bikini is now at home at the cottage, it’s as normal as s’mores, on the camp fire, mosquito bites, fire flies, sleeping in sand in the bed and slamming the screen door.

Thong bikinis at the cottage. Woman relaxing in a lounge chair at the cottage wearing a thong bikini on the dock with her feet in the water looking at the lake.

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