The Upside Down Bikini Top Trend is Official


So the latest fashion trend is to wear your bikini top upside down…Say What?….Yup apparently it’s time to turn things upside down. Instagram is claiming fame that they were the first to have a bikini model post a pic of herself wearing her bikini top upside down; however that is not even close to being true. I can assure you, if you take the time and search the internet you will find a girl with her bikini top upside down at Woodstock in 1969. What is different is that this time, it’s not a onetime deal; it actually is spreading like wildfire as a fashion trend. In Europe, especially in Italy, women have flocked to the upside down bikini making it a mainstay fashion trend. Interestingly the woman that has made this such a fashion trend is an Italian model by the name of Valentina Fradegrada.


A great example of an inverted upside down bikini top

I will get into more detail a little farther into this article on how to tie your bikini top inverted including an instructional video but the Coles notes of the process involves tying both shoulder strings of the triangle around your torso under the breasts while the normal strap that would go under the breasts is actually over the top.

What Is The Desired Outcome or Look

The desired outcome from wearing your bikini top in this manner is to obviously increase the appearance of the breasts, deepen the cleavage line and in most cases show some major under boob. No side boob with this fashion trend, it’s all about the frontal view, depending on the firmness of the bust in question it does in fact achieve all of the above. In addition it offers a woman a different look without actually purchasing another bikini.

How to Tie The Upside Down Bikini

perfect string bikini top with sliding triangles to try an upside down bikini top

So you ask, how to tie your bikini top to achieve this effect, well for starters, unlike most posts that have not investigated the art in detail will tell you that any halter bikini top will do, but that is not necessarily true. The best style to achieve perfect results is a bikini top that has fully adjustable sliding triangles, meaning that the cups or triangles can slide freely along the torso string or strap. This allow you to freely adjust the triangles outwards to achieve the desired appearance. The fully adjustable sliding triangle top is not mandatory in two of the three methods below but it does make the process much easier and offers freedom to adjust to your body type and bust size.

Now there are two ways to achieve the same appearance, we will now explain all of them, let’s take closer look.

The number one method does in fact require you to wear the bikini top inverted or upside down. So to start the process, take the strings or straps that would normally go behind your neck and tie them around your torso in the center of the breast region. At this point you should adjust the cups or triangles so that the normal top of the triangle is now positioned at your sides. Next take the string that would normally go around your torso, pull it tight and tie it around your neck, do the final adjustments on the triangles and Bob’s you uncle, you are wearing an upside down bikini top.

Can you imagine trying one of these exact inverted bikini top ideas with a sheer see through or see through when wet bikini top, WOW, now that would be a look.

Inverted bikini
reversed bikini worn by Tammy Hembrow

The second method requires you to tie the normal torso strap together tightly bringing the bottom of the triangles close together depending on your bust size and desired appearance, the normal neck straps now become your torso strap.

Inverted bikini new trend
two piece swimsuit flipped

upside down bikini top styles

Valentina Fradegrada Demonstrating How To Tie The Upside Down Bikini Top

Final notes, I actually tried this and it works, now I am in my early thirties and the girls are not as perky and firm as they used to be so I definitely needed the sliding adjustable version of the triangle bikini top to get it exactly where I wanted it but it was really fun and my husband really enjoyed the show too.

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