To Thong or Not to Thong – That is the Question

First time thong bikini on beach

My name is Lindsay Tesher. I am 36 years old and a mother of two beautiful kids. Our daughter is 11 and our son is 9. I do yoga classes three times a week and walk. I am not a fitness fanatic but the yoga makes me feel great and relaxes me.

I am in no way a small girl. My frame is rather large and this use to bother me when I was younger but know I have embraced how lucky I am. I weigh in at around 146 to 152 pounds so I am in no way thin.

I have been married for 16 great years to an amazing man. For our 15th anniversary we decided to take a trip to a stunning resort in Cancun called the Le Blanc Spa Resort. It’s a couple’s resort and the experience was amazing for both of us. The food was amazing and the service was perfect.

Now I am no stranger to a thong bikini or sheer swimsuit. We have a hot tub at home and I always wear a thong or less lol when we are by ourselves but have never worn one in public.

I did not purchase one for this trip because I really had not planned on wearing it in public but instead brought one from home just in case we had some privacy on our balcony etc.

The first day of our vacation, we were lunging around the pool and I see this curvy woman wearing a tonga which is just like a thong but ever so slightly more coverage and I thought she looked stunning and pointed her out to my husband. To my surprise my husband turned to me and said, why are you not wearing a thong? We are on vacation; we have no kids and are sitting by this fabulous pool enjoying our life. I laughed and brushed it off as a joke but later I went back to our room quickly to get a remote battery for my book reader and I saw the thong sitting in my suitcase.

First time thong bikini on beach
Rear view first time wearing a thong bikini for Lindsay

Well I decided maybe my husband was right, so I slipped on my thong and started on my journey back to the pool. By the time I got back to my husband at the pool, I felt so good about myself. Remember I am not a slim girl, I have curves and they are not going anywhere, I do have cellulite and to be honest, we all do. But the looks and the compliments that I received made me feel so good about myself. The other thing that I weirdly noticed was that when  I went out to the pool the first time, maybe two couples said hi, on this trip it seemed everyone was saying hi. Interestingly I felt so good about myself and proud.

On the beach in my thong bikini for the first time

When my husband saw me coming he had this look of shock at first then a huge smile. It was weird, he gave me a big hug and kiss when I joined him and we did have a little chat laughing about me wearing this tiny bikini.

On the beach-Cancun-thong-bikini

Now here is the interesting part. We have been married for over 10 years with two kids under our belt. As much as we are very happy and lucky, life does get in the way and the spark does smolder a little. This vacation turned into the most amazing experience. I can tell you the spark was back, we strolled, we laughed snuggled just like teens on a date. I attribute this to be honest to that little thong bikini. My husband was staring at me with those eyes, you know what I am talking about, and I felt like an eighteen-year-old high on life. I ended up purchasing two more thongs while I was on vacation including one that had a sheer when wet top which was quite fun.

Wearing my thong bikini bottom for the first time in public, loving my life and feeling good

This was an amazing vacation, one that I will never forget. Hey what happens in Cancun stays in Cancun…Right

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