Topless One Piece Swimsuit

The topless one-piece swimsuit is not necessarily a new style by any means. It actually originated back in 1964 designed by Rudi Gernreich and is considered the first monokini. Much like the one seen below, the first one-piece topless swimsuit consisted of a form fitted bottom and two straps resembling suspenders leaving the bust region fully exposed. Many people over the years have chosen to recognize this swimsuit as an icon for the sexual revolution

Black High Cut Topless One Piece Swimsuit
Black Topless One Piece Swimsuit
One Piece Topless Swimsuit

Since its inception, the topless one piece has gained popularity and today has become exceptionally  popular for a wide range of ages from late teens to women into their late forties and fifties.

Its main attraction is that it offers buttock coverage that elongates the thighs and slims the hip with its high cut thighs yet leaves the bust fully exposed or it can be combined with a T shirt, or bikini top of choice.

One Piece Topless Swimsuit
Topless Swimsuit with a sheer white T Shirt

For the woman that wants to go topless combined with some lower coverage this is the suit for you. Your torso will look slim and trim with a full bust region exposure.
This suit features a low scoop front and back with slimming high cut thighs with full rear coverage and a full lining.

Full Beast Exposure Topless One Piece Swimsuit
Topless One Piece Swimsuit with White Sheer See Through TShirt

This stylish suit is extremely seductive on all fronts.

For the woman who wants a sexy, alluring swimsuit this topless monokini is the perfect solution

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