Wearing My Thong Bikini For The First Time

An interesting question asked literally millions of times by new thong owners is, What does it feel like to wear a thong bikini?

Karen James

My name is Karen James and this is my story when I decided to wear a thong bikini for the first time.

My first day wearing a thong on the beach was probably the most terrifying yet exhilarating and confidence building day of my life

Well from my own women’s perspective, the first time I worea thong bikini in public was in Mexico on vacation. It was scary as hell. I hadtaken up an aggressive workout schedule to be honest preparing to wear a thongbikini on the beach because I loved the way thong bikinis looked on other women.But when it came to fruition that it was my turn to wear a thong myself, it wasliterally terrifying.

I put on my thong in my resort bathroom and slipped on apair of shorts over it and strolled down to the loungers by the pool. I lay onthat lounger for what seemed to be hours trying to build up the confidence totake off my shorts. In reality, it was probably only 20 minutes, but I noticedmany other women wearing thong bikinis around me, so I felt more comfortablewith the situation.

Well it came time and I pulled off the shorts and revealedmy new thong bikini. I felt nervous, naked and exposed. But to be honest, theanxiety really did not last long and quickly I felt empowered. Nobody wasstaring or screaming at me. Throughout the day nothing really happened out ofthe norm except I did receive a number of compliments and I noticed that I wasdefinitely getting some extra glances of admiration from both men and women,especially women not wearing a thong, almost like they wanted to try one too.

By the end of the day my anxiety had turned to confidence.My fear was now empowered. I felt strong and to be honest for the first time inmy life I felt completely ok with my body.

I had read many other stories from other women who hadexperienced the same anxiety as I did yet felt empowered after the experience.

When ever I am on vacation on the beach or tanning by thepool, I wear one of my thongs, when I walk around the pool, I do put on a sheersarong but for the most part, I am addicted to the feeling that this tinybikini brings to the table.

My advice, every woman, show experience wearing a thong bikini once in her life. You will be overwhelmed by the emotional empowerment that this simple garment can offer. The feeling of self-confidence and self-awareness is self-nurturing not to mention the intimate awareness of your feminine sexuality.

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