Where Can I Wear A Thong Bikini

To be honest, the thong and g-string bikini is as much a part of the beach scene as a towel or sunglasses with a few exceptions. The negative attitude towards the thong is now for the most part behind us. Similar to the bikini entering the beach scene in the early sixties which caused international beach kaos, the thong to, has become the norm not the exception to the rule. But with anything there are some etiquette rules that should be followed.

For the most part throughout the US and Canada, the thong bikini is readily accepted on any beach. As a matter of fact, it is now legal to go topless on the beach in Canada, so wearing a thong bikini really is not a concern.

Couple at a resort on vacation. The woman is wearing a red thong bikini

For the rest of the countries let’s make this simple, the southern hemisphere has adopted the thong bikini, the northern hemisphere has a few exceptions. Rule of thumb, if a visit to an Islamic country is on the  travel agenda, be careful and check first. You could very well end up in jail if you break a social rule or law. Respecting local laws and social views is critical to a successful vacation and just makes good sense.

Thong Bikinis and Cruise Ships

Beautiful  woman on a cruise ship wearing a leopard print thong bikini

Are thong bikinis acceptable on a cruise ship?

Thong bikinis are considered acceptable on 95% of cruise ships. If they are not, your antennary will clearly state this. Now with this said, the thong is acceptable around the pool regions and pool bars, but you will need a coverup when walking around the ship or in the corridors. The same goes for  restaurants and stores on the ship. So, bring a sarong or sexy cover-up with you, it’s just common courtesy.

Resort Vacations and Thong Bikinis

White thong bikini on a sexy woman in a pool at a resort.

Are thong bikinis acceptable at resorts?

Yup once again, the thong is old news on the vacation resort scene. For the most part, anywhere a bikini is allowed, so is the thong bikini. Similar to a cruise ship however it is just common courtesy to wear a coverup when strolling around the resort. Its no different than a regular bikini. If you can wear your bikini than you can wear your thong. Its that simple.

Little known fact. The thong bikini is widely accepted, but many people still are offended if you sit on a chair or bench without a towel. Well to be honest, this just makes sense to me. If you sit on a chair or bench without a towel, there could not only be sanitary concerns for yourself and others but also you are causing unnecessary wear and tear on your bikini.

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