My name is Abril, my mother is Spanish, born in Spain my father, is American. I grew up in California and had many difficulties as a child. As a child I was short, chubby and was picked on viciously because of my heritage and physical attributes. Today at the age of 24, I am still only 4’ 10” tall. When I was 18, I started to get more involved in physical fitness which started out as simply running and yoga. This initiation to physical fitness quickly morphed into weight lifting and was soon addicted to body building. Throughout my journey adding fitness to my life, changed my body rapidly, especially after I engaged in a weight lifting regime. Without even realizing it, the comments, jokes and constant badgering quickly came to an end and in many cases these same people now wanted to be my friend.


This journey allowed me to become the person I always wanted to be. The shyness became an outgoing view, my introverted personality traits gradually changed to a more extroverted base and I became extremely confident in myself. Of course my fitness travels opened up a whole new world of supportive friends leaving the others behind. I find it very hard to forgive but I am working on it.


If you had asked me five years ago, if I would ever wear a thong or g-string bikini in public, I would have cringed in a corner in absolute fear, yet here I am today confident in myself and wear them all the time.

I am proud of myself and I like to show off all my hard work. The first time I wore a thong was actually in a fitness competition. I did not have a choice, so not only did I wear it in public, I wore it on a stage in front of an audience. I was petrified to go out, not because of my physical abilities but because I thought people would laugh.


Today, wearing a thong or g-string bikini is the same as any other bikini, I never give it a second thought, it just is.

My bikini collection went from being something that I feared to something that makes me feel good, I feel feminine, I feel good about myself.

My advice, do what you want, wear what makes you feel good. It’s that simple.

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