Why Do Women Wear Thong Bikinis?

Find the answers to the question, why women wear thong bikinis?

Women wear thong bikinis because they are sexy, they attract attention, but to be honest they are no longer the attention grabber that they use to be simply because they are now commonplace at the beach, pool and cottage life.

I remember being in Cuba 16 years ago when thongs were still not common in North America. There was this tall European beautiful blond women wearing a thong bikini playing in the pool with her daughter, as much as I thought she was gorgeous, I at the time thought it was weird that she was playing with her daughter in the resort pool playing with her daughter. Later in the vacation we came across her again on the beach wearing a thong and tanning topless while her daughter played in the sand nearby. Her daughter seemed to think it was norma. I struck up a conversation with her and found out that she was in fact born European but moved to Brazil as a child. She explained that a thong bikini was not only common place on their beaches but was the norm just as much as it was normal for women to go topless if they desired. Interestingly here we are in North America and not only have the thong bikinis become commonplace but the attraction to the European / Brazilian lifestyle is overwhelming. In the near future by the looks of things the thong bikini will soon be pushed aside by the g-string bikini and who knows what’s next.

From a women’s point of view, I own a number of thong and tonga bikinis, I wear them when I feel it is appropriate for example at the beach, in my backyard to tan and regularly at the cottage or when we are out on a boat depending on the company we are with. I think for me, what it comes down to personally is who I am going to be with. If it is family than no I do not wear a thong, if I am with my husband on a beach, than absolutely I do, also many of our friends wear thongs too, so it is also ok for me.

I cannot really put my finger on it why exactly I wear a thong bikini to be honest. My husband encourages it, he likes the way I look, I like the attention, I feel sexy when I wear a thong. At the cottage they are very comfortable and really fit into the cottage life scene. As for when we are on the boat, it just seems normal to wear one.

The-Answers-to Why Women-Love-To-Wear-Thong-Bikinis

In summary women wear thongs because:

  • Thong bikinis are comfortable
  • They are empowering
  • A thong makes you feel feminine
  • The thong bikini makes you feel beautiful, sexy and desirable
  • The thong offers freedom of movement
  • A quality thong bikini will stay in place better than any other bikini bottom
  • The thong will not slip off in the ocean surf
  • A thong bikini tends not to need readjusting
  • From a physical point of view, the thong makes your legs look longer and leaner
  • Your butt cheeks “buttocks” will look firmer and rounder
  • The thong bikini tends to make the feminine physique appear more physically fit
  • For many women they help with confidence issues
  • Thong bikinis offer reduced tan lines

The best advice I can give is to get a thong bikini and try it for out yourself!

Let us know how you felt.

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