Why is the Thong Bikini so Popular

Since the dawn of time, the buttocks have been a primary center of attention from a sexuality point of view with both men and women alike. Women tend to have rounder more voluptuous buttocks than men. Evolutionary Physiologists have documented this likely evolved originally as a desirable trait because it was a visual indication of fertility and youth. From the onset of puberty, the female buttocks typically begin to develop differently than in males and become more pronounced and curved.

If you take some time and view statues in some cases as old as 24,000 BC, you will notice that the women have exaggerated hips, buttocks and thighs, more evidence of the historical attraction to the female buttocks. The beauty of the female buttocks was also important too the ancient Greeks, further the bare buttocks were worshiped in Ming China where they were compared to the bright full moon. From the beginning of time to present day, artists would pose models as to pronounce their models’ buttocks.

Why do women love thong bikinis so much, what is the attraction

In almost all societies the female buttocks are regarded as an important feature of true beauty. In additional studies it has been proven that it is not only the buttocks that are the focus. It is a combination of the lower back, hips, buttocks and curvature of the spine. A curvature of the spine that represents 45.5 degrees with smooth hips and inset lower back makes for the most desirable combination according to this study that took place at  Turkey’s Bilkent University.

Now that we understand the attraction to the buttocks, it is simple to understand the reasoning for the thong bikini gaining popularity so fast yet suffered a great deal of ridicule since its initial appearance.

Most women love them, some women hate them. Just what exactly is it about the thong bikini

The thong exposes the buttocks in plain view, obvious attraction to the buttocks has caused it to become a desired style. Many women will tell you that they feel powerful and dominant when they wear a thong bikini because of the typical reaction received by their male counterparts and in many cases other women. The thong represents ultimate beauty depicted by the rear exposing styles. Further the Brazilian sculpted buttock has become a desired aspect all on its own and women will spend hours in gyms working on their legs and buttocks and in some cases plastic surgery to achieve the perfect backside.

Right or wrong for women, the buttocks represent power, control, beauty and individuality. The thong is simply the bikini that exposes them while covering the front genital region.

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