Why You Should Try Wearing a Thong Bikini

Background – Why You Should Try a Thong Bikini Swimsuit


For the everyday women, stepping out of her comfort zone by pushing her traditional bikini aside and trying a thong bikini can initially be an overwhelming anxiety ridden thought process. Most of us gals that regularly wear thong bikinis felt the same way at one point but something happens when you slip into that new thong bikini…Read on and find out more.

From a women’s perspective I personally struggled with the thong bikini when they first started to show up regularly on beaches. What I mean by this is, I saw plenty when I was on vacation down south but I am talking about here in North America. They just seemed out of place, yet here I am today owning quite a few thong bikinis and wear them regularly. To be totally transparent, I love my thong bikini collection or should I say my cheeky bikini collection, because I have a few tonga’s, thongs and Brazilian bikinis and one g-string that I keep for private tanning.

Maybe before I get into the reasons why you should try a thong bikini I should briefly share with you my experience wearing a thong bikini.

Why I Wore A Thong Bikini


We were in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, on a 10 day vacation, there were many women wearing thongs. The resort had a gift shop and we were browsing around and we came across the bikini section. 90% were thongs or were some resemblance of a cheeky bikini. I purchased one to take home for tanning. Later that day we had a discussion about all of the thongs on the beach and I decided to go put mine on. I went back to our room, leaving my husband behind and put on the thong and headed back.

The first few steps out of the room were the hardest, I had huge anxiety yet the further I walked, the anxiety seemed to diminish and I felt more confident. By the time I got back to my husband, I was feeling really good about myself. I felt strong for some reason, confident and excited simply because in my mind I was wearing something that seemed somewhat forbidden. It was a really empowering feeling.

I do not expect every women’s experience will be the same, we are all different. The next section is an attempt to correlate all of the reasons why you should try a thong bikini at least once.


Reasons Why You Should Try Wearing A Thong Bikini:

  • Freedom – The thong bikini offers complete freedom of movement.
  • Stays in place – Thongs tend to stay in place without frequent adjustments even in ocean surf.
  • Self Confidence – Thong bikinis are a great self confidence builder.
  • Empowerment – Many women experience a feeling of inner strength and empowerment.
  • Fashion – There is doubt that the thong bikini is in style.
  • Forbidden – The thong bikini offers a feeling of wearing something forbidden.
  • Femininity – There is something extremely feminine about the buttocks being exposed.
  • Desirable – Many women need to feel desirable and the thong bikini achieves this.
  • Physique – Thong bikinis give the appearance of longer legs and rounder firmer buttocks.
  • Tan Lines – The thong bikini offers reduced tan lines.
  • Sexiness – Thong bikinis offer a heightened level of self-sexiness and beauty.
  • Beach Sports – You can’t beat a thong bikini for beach sports.
  • Hip Cleavage – Is the region at the front of the thigh leading into the hip and lower tummy region which a high thigh thong bikini accentuates and is considered extremely desirable.


Every woman should try a thong bikini at least once in her life. For the most part, 90% plus of today’s modern generation will feel some if not all of the reasons and sensations listed above. Good luck, let us know you YOU felt…

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